Landed an interview for your dream job in the middle of winter? Congrats! Once you’ve done your research, now comes the really hard part: deciding what to wear! 

Your interview style should align with current employees’ office outfits, but also be you. Some offices require a suit, while other creative industries keep a more open mind. So, when thinking about what to wear to an interview in the winter, think about what’s best for the job you’re after. 

Strike the right tone with your winter job interview outfit and you’ll look and feel more confident! Here’s how to do just that. 

Choose a Winter Interview Outfit With Tailored Pieces

When choosing what to wear to an interview in the winter, a good starting point is with classic, tailored pieces. Blazers, crisp button-down shirts, and sleek black work pants, like our Fly Front Slimming Pant are perfect for an interview. 

Jazz up a classic look with a bright scarf or camel longline cardigan that will do double duty and keep you comfortable and cozy. A note on jeans: it’s almost never okay to wear them to an interview, even if company employees wear them. Better to be overdressed than underdressed when it comes to an interview!

Put Your Best Foot Forward in a Head-to-Toe Winter Job Interview Outfit

When it comes to footwear, make the extra effort to choose shoes that are classic, in great condition, and not too high. Don’t let shoes be an afterthought in your winter interview outfit; trust us, they can make or break a look. 

We think an artistic pair of polished Oxfords or versatile booties are ideal with office outfits, but this is entirely a personal preference, so it’s up to you! Quick tip: if the weather outside is frightful, wear boots to travel to the office and change into your interview shoes when you get there.

Bundle in Layers Depending on the Weather

Bundle up! A pencil skirt and cardigan is a great winter job interview outfit, but not without the right layers. A long-sleeved bodysuit, like our Madelyn Mock Neck Shaping Full Back Bodysuit is designed to keep you warm with full torso coverage and temperature regulating fabric. Wear it beneath sweaters, blazers, and cardis for complete comfort and control throughout the day. 

Keep in mind, too, that opaque tights are a must-have when wearing a skirt to an interview. They’ll help you look professional and keep out the chill.

What’s the Right Outerwear to Wear to An Interview In Winter?

It seems obvious, but don’t forget to check the weather before heading out. If it’s the dawn of a little Ice Age outside, adjust your winter job interview outfit accordingly and choose a long overcoat made of wool to keep you warm while looking slim. Leave the puffer at home – it won’t give off the professional vibe you’d like to achieve. 

On top of the overcoat, drape a long, soft scarf that can double as a blanket for extra warmth. Grab an umbrella if need be. Before you enter the building of your interview, be sure to brush off any snow or rain that may have settled. Then, politely ask if there’s a closet in which to put your layers while you’re being interviewed.

Don’t Forget the Small Details!

Now that you’ve got your winter interview outfit sorted, give a few minutes thought to the details. If you’re worried about panty lines, choose a thong, like our Ultralight Seamless Shaping Thong with Lace Insert

If you need a bit of smoothing beneath your dress, shapewear shorts like our Ultralight Seamless Shaping Short are a go-to. Keep your jewelry simple, bring a notebook, and don’t forget to take that hair tie off your wrist.

Remember to keep your outfit conservative and’s the small details that really make you look put together and ready to crush the interview. When you feel confident in what you’re wearing to an interview in winter, you’ll nail the first impression and feel more confident. Make this your year – you’ve got this!