You know that thing where you learn about something new and suddenly you see it everywhere? Like the first time you heard about millennial pink, and then it seemed like that was the only color anything was? You’re gonna feel that way about bramis.

 Claudia Comfortably Curved Longline Bra Top - Seamless

A brami is a bra + cami, also called a longline bra or bra top. While traditional bralettes stop just under your bust, these longline bras extend a few inches further for a crop top length (but keep the support of a gentle sports bra or a bralette). And bramis are set to be the uncontested stars of snap-worthy style. Hence the term “bra top” – wear it as you normally would as an undergarment, or wear it out as a crop top!

 Jules Longline Bra Top - Cotton Rib Seamless


Can’t picture it? Peep our Claudia or Jules tops. Claudia features Yummie’s much-loved Comfortably Curved fabric in a wire-free and side seam-free design that smooths and supports, and includes removable pads. Just in time for warmer temps, pick it up in a new color Aqua, or keep it classic with Black or Almond. The Jules top boasts lightweight ribbed cotton that’s breathable and cool. Both feature adjustable straps and soft fabric that’ll keep you comfortable whether wearing it underneath a top or as is. These are women’s tops that are designed with your comfort and support in mind, while never sacrificing style and ease. 

 Claudia Comfortably Curved Longline Bra Top - Seamless


Longline bra tops are super wearable. The key to pulling off this crop top is pairing it with a high rise style so that only a bit of skin peeks out (we can totally picture you rocking the Jules with a high waisted black maxi skirt or high rise leggings). Bra tops are also queens of the layering game - if you typically use a cami for extra coverage with low-neckline shirts, a brami does the same without adding extra fabric around your waistline, and plus there’s added support since it’s a bralette. Looking to lose a layer? Bra tops mean kissing the days of tank tops and bras a sweet goodbye! In cooler temps, throw on a jacket to complete the look.

Add the versatile brami into your summer outfit repertoire and thank us later! Who knew that a bra and cami duo would be your next best wardrobe addition? We did.