target area: butt & thighs

serve up sexy in our butt and thigh targeted shapewear. from peach-perfect bottoms to thigh-trimming wonders, your secret to spectacular curves starts here!

Wear our body shaper favorites for you lower half and say goodbye to any insecurities because we've got your back, or should I say, your butt and thighs covered!  


Giving you that extra boost of sass and sexiness in your shape while never compromising on comfort, our shaper underwear is going to be your go-to. Who wouldn't want a rounder, more lifted derrière? Our butt and thigh shapewear is here to sculpt and define your body shape (butt lift included).


Not only do we focus on lifting and enhancing your butt, but we also offer thigh-trimming wonders for any body type with our shaping shorts and underwear. With targeted compression on your lower half, our body shaping styles offer ultimate comfort and waist controlling details while giving you a butt enhancer that will smooth and sculpt your bum. Whether you are sporting shorts, leggings, or body-hugging dresses, our shaping styles will leave you feeling svelte and comfortably snatched with it's targeted compression.


With our butt and thigh targeted shapewear, you're not just shaping your body – you're shaping your confidence, too. Don't forget to check out our shapewear compression level help center to find your perfect fit and the shaping underwear that works for you. Get ready to serve up some serious attitude and turn heads wherever you go with our butt lifting shapewear and thigh trimming styles for any body type. It's time to unleash the spectacular curves you've always wanted and find a body shaper your booty deserves!