Bodysuits are a modern blessing. They’ve come into their own in the past few years as a solid wardrobe staple and we couldn’t be happier with the wide range of super easy-to-wear, versatile bodysuits available. We love the all-over smoothing a bodysuit provides to enhance our silhouettes in a chic way. 

Consider wearing a thong bodysuit with a satin skirt for a dressier, seamless look, or go more casual with jeans without having to worry about lumps from tucking in a shirt. Bodysuits also provide a simple, seamless layer underneath leather or denim jackets. 

Wondering how to find the perfect bodysuit for you? Like knowing how to choose shapewear, selecting your right bodysuit depends on a few factors. In addition to consulting a bodysuit size chart, here are some things to consider:

Bodysuit Sizing Based on Length

The first thing to think about when it comes bodysuit sizing is the length. Do you have a long torso, average, or is it on the shorter side? 

You’ll want enough fabric length-wise to cover you without it riding up or being too baggy. When wearing a thong bodysuit or other type for the first time, be sure you are wearing the bra you will wear with it and do a few squats to see how it moves. 

To increase your chances of passing the length test, try our range of bodysuits like the Ruby Cotton Shaping Thong Back Bodysuit, which has two rows of snaps at the gusset to give you the perfect adjustable fit.

ruby shaping thong bodysuit - cotton seamless in White worn by model with hand on hip in side view Yummie

Overall Fit

Give some thought to the bodysuit sizing through the bust, bum, and tummy area before purchasing. You’ll want the bodysuit to fit to your form without any gaps from being stretched too taut under the chest. If there is any chest or underarm spillage, opt for a larger size. It’s important to try on before purchasing, because a bodysuit size chart may not always tell the whole story.

Likewise, if a bodysuit is causing a cheeky indent on your bum, you’ll want to size up or consider wearing a thong bodysuit instead. Again, be sure to try on the bodysuit with the bra you will be wearing to see how it affects the straps and neckline. 

In any case, the bodysuit should feel snug without being constricting, and it should provide the gentle smoothing you desire. Our Ruby Shaping Full Back Bodysuit - Cotton Seamless offers full, shaping coverage with Level 3 compression without making you feel squeezed in or uncomfortable. Plus, all of our bodysuits feature a knit-in shaping tummy panel that virtually disappears on the body for seamless smoothing and shaping that targets the tummy area. Finding your perfect bodysuit sizing in this piece is easier with that signature snap closure and a range of sizing options, from Small/Medium to 2X/3X. 

 Ruby Shaping Full Back Bodysuit - Cotton Seamless in Black worn by model with hand on hip standing in side view Yummie

Setting: Where You’ll Be Wearing a Thong Bodysuit 

The final thing you’ll want to consider when selecting a bodysuit is the setting in which you’ll be wearing it. You likely won’t want to wear a bodysuit with a plunging neckline to a formal dinner, nor would you want a long-sleeve version for a Fourth of July picnic. 

Consider what you would like to wear with the bodysuit, then decide if the fabric, cut, and color are appropriate. For hot days, choose a bodysuit with temperature control fabric, like our Short Sleeve Shaping Thong Back Bodysuit. Wearing this thong bodysuit will keep you cool thanks to the Outlast® fabric that regulates your body heat.

Providing all-day comfort and support, bodysuits are a warm-weather essential we’ll be packing wherever our wanderlust leads us. We hope this bodysuit sizing and fit guide helps you choose the perfect one – or two, or three. Because truthfully you can never have enough of something that makes you look and feel amazing.


short sleeve shaping thong bodysuit - outlast® seamless in Black worn by woman with hand on hip and thigh facing forward Yummie