As International Women’s Day is right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to highlight one of our favorite content creators, a mega fashionista by the name of Tanner Mann. 

She’s a new mom with spades of personal style and her Insta @tannermmann has over 106K followers for good reason. Her beautiful online community was built with a positive outlook and love for color, which makes following her a dream. 

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we sat down with Tanner to discuss everything from her favorite shapewear to confidence-building advice.  Let’s jump right in so you can be as inspired by her as we are!

As a confident and stylish new mom, what about Yummie makes it unique to support your changing lifestyle?

I’ve worn Yummie pieces pre-pregnancy, pregnant, and now postpartum. I love that there are always pieces for each chapter in my life. Some pieces work better for my mom body than before and I love that! These pieces always make me feel more confident and beautiful in my skin. 

What advice would you give other new moms who struggle with self-confidence immediately after giving birth?

Embrace the change. Mindset is everything and this new body is the one that created an entire life. Take a moment to look at yourself and tell yourself you’re beautiful. Say it out loud...over and over again. Learn to dress this new you, have fun with the new you. You are a mom. How cool is that? 

For someone looking to break into the fashion-blogger world, what are three pieces of advice you wish you knew when you were first starting out?

Be patient, be consistent, be yourself. Everyone brings a different piece to the puzzle. Also, you can ask for help. There are so many moving parts in this industry and it can be overwhelming at times. Reach out and ask someone to be your mentor. The most important thing is to have fun and let your passion drive you. 

What are your favorite shapewear pieces that you would recommend to other women?
The seamless shaping leggings are my most worn item in my closet. I can dress them up with a cute pair of booties and basic tunic, lounge around the house in them, or smash a workout in them. The quality and comfortability can’t be matched. The high waist thigh shaper is a must for the days you feel like stepping out in a fitted dress. You’ll thank me later! 

We’re thrilled that so many incredible women wear Yummie on the daily and love hearing feedback like this. Our brand is about embracing womanhood and stepping out with confidence in your own skin; values celebrated each year on International Women’s Day. 

With a theme this year of #EachforEqual, March 8th highlights the beauty of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all people, including yourself. Be bold with your style, courageous in your actions, and remember that we support you!