The joys of motherhood far outweigh the discomforts of pregnancy, but the truth is that your body has gone on a journey to bring your baby into the world. Remember, that is no small feat! You likely won’t feel back to ‘normal’ immediately after giving birth, so it’s essential to be kind to your body. Know that you’re not alone, and that there are tools at your disposal to make you feel more comfortable and help the healing process from day one.

The tools we refer to are, of course, gentle and breathable postpartum shapewear. Today, women everywhere use shapewear to provide the support their bodies need after pregnancy. Whether you have had a natural birth or C-section, you can reap all the benefits of after- pregnancy shapewear.

Get Muscle Support

Right after the birth, a postpartum body shaper or other piece of shapewear can be a wonderful way of holding everything in when it feels out of place.

It’s very common for new mothers to experience a belly spread known as Diastasis Recti, which happens when the abdominal muscles separate. A piece of postpartum shapewear – like a shaping slip – works to bind the muscles together and protect the core as it heals from giving birth.

Our Pearl Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank is among the best pieces for postpartum support. It provides all-over coverage with Level 4 firm compression and a 2-ply shaping panel at the tummy. Plus, it’s made of temperature control fabric designed to keep busy moms cool even in the summer months. You’ll feel much more like your normal self as your body continues to heal in after-pregnancy shapewear made to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your clothes!

Shapewear Can Help Realign Posture After Pregnancy

In addition to providing support to the tummy, after pregnancy shapewear also guides the spine into alignment. During pregnancy, it’s very common to experience back pain, and a gentle postpartum body shaper encourages proper posture. This will alleviate the tension built up from carrying a baby and help you stand proud as a new mama. Our Cotton Shaping Full Back Bodysuit, for example, will smooth all of the places that need smoothing and provide the support your back needs.

Deliver a Confidence Boost

You should feel like a superhero after giving birth, mainly because you are one! However, many women don’t feel like themselves with the extra weight left over from the baby. Until you are back to yourself, after-pregnancy shapewear will give you a little hug when you need it and make you feel like a rockstar. Wearing a body shaper like our Hidden Curves Firm Shaping High Waist Thigh Shaper under your clothes will give you the boost of confidence you need!

Shapewear is all about support, and the first few months after pregnancy are the ideal time to give yourself a little extra TLC with the best postpartum body shaper or other piece. You deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin from the first moment your new addition arrives. Soft, light compression postpartum shapewear is a wonderful little secret to have while the body recovers. We wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy!