Like clothes, women’s underwear should be flattering and above all, comfortable. Not all underwear is created equally, so paying attention to the details is key. Next to design and fit, fabric should be the most important factor when deciding on the best underwear for women. Yet, most women don’t even know the fabric of their underwear or clothing. Cotton, lycra; natural or synthetic...which do you prefer? 

Below, discover the types of fabric available for different non-shaping and shaping bottoms and decide which is the best material for your underwear!

The Classic Underwear Fabric: Cotton 

Cotton is our friend. Lightweight, easy to wash and made of soft, natural fibers, it’s a common ingredient in a lot of clothing – and for good reason. Cotton is moisture-wicking, very breathable and won’t cause irritations, which in turn contributes to designing some of the best underwear for women. If everyday cotton is your cup of tea, opt for our Cotton Seamless Shaping Thong or Joy Cotton Shaping Brief – Seamless.

Joy Cotton Shaping Brief – Seamless in White worn by woman standing on side Yummie


Great for Shapewear: Women’s Underwear Made From Nylon

A very popular fabric for women’s underwear, nylon is man-made and lightweight. It’s particularly useful in shapewear because it won’t lose its shape and is very smooth under other clothing garments. It’s also one of the best materials for seamless underwear. 

When you’re considering how to choose shapewear
underwear, start with tried-and-true styles like our Ultralight Seamless Shaping Thong, BriefGirlshort and Short. For days when you don’t want compression, opt for our Non-Shaping Bikini - Seamless and  Brief all made primarily of nylon with a bit of added Spandex for stretch.


Ultralight Shaping Brief - Seamless in Black worn by woman in side view Yummie


The Best Underwear Fabric for Women Seeking a Touch of Elegance: Lace

If you love frills, then you probably have a few pairs of undies adorned with soft lace. Lace on undergarments is a beautiful detail and can act as a great accent on a nice cotton or nylon base. Our Ultralight Shaping Thong with Lace - Seamless is feminine, yet not overdone. 

Ultralight Shaping Thong with Lace – Seamless in Almond worn by woman in side view Yummie


So, which underwear fabric will you choose? We won’t make the decision too difficult for you: there really isn’t one best material for underwear here at Yummie. All of our undergarments have been designed with your comfort and support in mind, so deciding which to go for is entirely up to your personal style and the occasion.