Ditch winter neutrals for poppy spring shades!

An all-black ensemble is effortless and timeless, but sometimes we want something with a little more…pop! Spring is the best time to introduce new colors to your wardrobe. Just follow our lead: we’ve welcomed a rainbow of new hues to the Yummie family just in time for the year’s brightest season. When spring has sprung, your closet needs a little refreshing.

 Bria Comfortably Curved Smoothing Short - Seamless


Hot Coral

Peachy and bright, this coral adds a vibrant pop to your day via our Bria smoothing shorts. Seriously, it’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re wearing bright undergarments! Slip on the women’s smoothing shorts that aren’t boring. Guaranteed.

 Audrey Unlined Bralette - Outlast® Seamless


Pink Cashmere

This cool, violet-toned pink is a grown up take on the bubblegum hue you loved as a kid. Fulfill your “when I’m a grown-up, I’ll…” dreams by eating cereal for dinner and snagging this color in the Audrey bralette, 2-way shaping tank, ultralight brief, and ultralight thong. Women’s intimates look even better as a set and we want you to have fun mix-and-matching with the perfect spring color: pink cashmere.

 Ultralight Shaping Thong - Seamless


Royal Blue

The color of your favorite denim, this rich blue is almost too good to hide. The solution? Wear this shaping thong when you know someone lucky is going to get a peek. Whether you are keeping it a mystery or showing it off immediately, our royal blue thong will be the perfect option when you want to spice it up!

 Convertible Shaping Camisole - Outlast® Seamless


Peach Echo

Soft, delicate, feminine: we’re obsessed with this misty peach. And it shows! We’ve made it available in our bandeau, seamless cami, ultralight brief, ultralight short, and ultralight thong. Style these women’s intimates and essentials however you like, and enjoy a color that screams ‘spring’! 

 Livi Comfortably Curved Smoothing Brief - Seamless



Snag our Livi smoothing brief in its newest shade – a muted, mauvey purple that will be a welcome (but not shocking) addition to all-black underwear drawers. This is definitely not your average color. Black is about to take a seat to this new classic color!

 Ultralight Shaping Short - Seamless



This cool, pinky-beige is great for disappearing under light outer layers. Try it out with our ultralight brief and short. Enjoy this beautiful color with this selection of women’s underwear and go ahead and slip those white jeans on. No worries

 Bandeau Bra - Seamless


Shark Skin

Disco diva says what? This silver gray is made to blend in or stand out – it all depends on how you style our incredibly versatile bandeau bra. From concert to bedroom, this cool women’s bra will be a shining star…literally.

 Non-Shaping Brief - Seamless


& More!

Our non-shaping underwear line got its own palette of rainbow hues! Catch the non-shaping brief in rosey cameo brown and nearly nude sun-kissed. The bikini is now available in misty blue and java. And the bonded brief with mesh has newly debuted in zinc. Hello, spring! Hello, color!