Travel pros pride themselves on packing exactly what they need for a vacation with no extra fluff. Yummie’s clothes make that easy, with pieces that are comfortable and versatile in any vacation destination. With so many ways to wear them, you could even ditch the checked bag and stash a whole vacation’s worth of outfits in your carry-on. And right now, score resort wear (including everything on this list) at 40% off! 




Cora Seamless Shaping Biker Shorts

Bike shorts are your vacation’s secret weapon. Sunrise yoga on the beach? Bike shorts with our Whitney Cooling Bra. A walking tour of local breweries? Biker shorts with a cropped tee and a light jacket are all you need.



Athena Square Neck One Piece

If you’re packing light, you want a swimsuit that will look great in a lounging-by-the-pool selfie, but which can stand up to vacation-y watersports like jet-skiing or snorkeling. This bathing suit has a classic, 90s-inspired silhouette, and the wide-straps and supportive seams keep you securely tucked in, no matter how many games of pool volleyball you’re playing.




Lounge Dress With Side Slits

Get yourself a dress that can do it all: killing it as a bathing suit cover-up AND accessorized for dinner at the highest-rated restaurant in town. This I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-PJs dress makes looking good and staying comfortable on vacation too easy! Tacky tourist? We don’t know her!




Cocoon-Wrap Cardigan With Belt

A free hotel breakfast is a can’t-miss, but it’s not without pressure: the ticking clock counting down until the tray of hashbrowns gets dumped and the mini-fridge of yogurt gets padlocked. Throw this cardigan over jeans for an instantly stylish outfit that will impress everyone else waiting at the DIY waffle bar. Pro tip: stash it in your purse before your flight to combat overly chilly airports.




Shaping Legging

Leggings are a vacation MUST. Wear your favorite pair to the airport for an outfit that’s as comfortable when you’re sitting on an 8-hour flight as it is when you’re sprinting to catch your transfer. Once you’re at your destination, leggings are the best start to your adventure vacation look, whether you’re exploring local historic sites or trekking through the wilderness. Snag the Gloria for an ankle length legging (this may be full length if you’re on the shorter side), or the Talia for a cropped length.


Complete your packing with extra tops and loungewear and some backup bathing suits, all at 40% off! Happy travels!