Balmy summer temps beg for bare shoulders, and these bras support every type of look.


What’s the best thing about balmy summer weather? The long days? The fresh produce? The seasonal outdoor activities? No. It’s the clothes, hands down, no question. Bare shoulders are the Queen of summer looks, and any shoulder-baring outfit starts with the right strapless bra. When it comes to finding the perfect bra for women, that task can be daunting. Throw sleeveless tops into the mix and you’ve just upped the stakes on finding the perfect bra. 

 Bandeau Bra - Seamless


Strapless bras have a bad reputation for being pinchy and uncomfortable, but bandeaus is the good girl who might make them change their ways. Yummie’s is seamless and made of ultra-cozy nylon with a wide-smoothing back and sides. The bust support is knit in (no poky wires) with removable cups for additional definition – be gone, dreaded uniboob! This bra is perfect for flowy tops and dresses, the official uniform of summer.

 Peyton Contour Strapless Convertible Bra


If you’re slipping into something with more structure, grab the Peyton. It packs smoothing support and a gentle lift, without wires or hooks. The closure-free design creates smooth lines under even the snuggest sheaths. It’s also super sexy. Don’t think a strapless bra can be sexy? Halle Berry on the November 2021 cover of Women’s Health rocking our Peyton will make you think again. When you put on a strapless bra that supports and keeps you secure, you’ll be feeling like you can conquer anything..or any outfit. 

 Strapless Convertible Smoothing Tube Dress and Skirt


Another one of our strapless faves? Our convertible strapless dress, for sure. It’s a timeless black tube dress, as wearable beach-side as in a ballroom. But with just a shimmy and a twirl, it’s an elegant maxi skirt. Between your bandeau, Peyton, and convertible strapless dress, you’ll be set to strut yourself through summer’s end.

Whether you are looking for support, comfort, or just finding the right style for one of your favorite outfits, our women’s strapless bra options will always be a frontrunner for your summer styles. Suns out and bare shoulders are in.