Most of us have experienced a muffin top at some point, and know that they’re not the most pleasant (or flattering) addition to an outfit. If you don’t know what a muffin top is, lucky you. Here’s what we are referring to, plus some tips on how to get rid of it for good. 

Essentially, a muffin top is that annoyingly persistent roll above the band of your pants. No matter how hard you try, you worry about how it looks and feels. Fortunately, the best shapewear for muffin tops is here to the rescue. With solutions to smooth your waistline comfortably and prevent any over-spillage, our muffin top control pieces leave stress in the past. Below, learn about the different control shapewear pieces that have a muffin top control band to keep that pesky phenomenon at bay.

Correct Sizing is Essential to Preventing a Muffin Top

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give regarding anti-muffin top is to wear the right size shapewear and clothing. Wearing pants or shapewear that are too small because you don’t like the size will create a muffin top that wasn’t there before. 

You might think you’ll get more shaping power from a smaller size Yummie garment, but in fact you’ll likely create unwanted rolls. We’re all made of flesh and blood and that has to go somewhere!

The Best Shapewear for a Muffin Top Starts From the Bottom

A simple place to start muffin top patrol is with a few pairs of shaping briefs or thongs. Muffin top control underwear comes in a variety of shapes and colors, but the most important bit is that they extend high enough over the hips to sculpt the entire tummy area. Our Seamless Solutions - High Waist Shaping Thong gently smooths from the hips to just below the bra, so there is no opportunity for a muffin top to escape. Wearing this under a dress is an easy summer option perfect for every occasion. Likewise, a thigh shaper will do the trick when it comes to muffin top control! Our High Waist Shaping Short with Rear Shaping pulls double duty with its muffin top control band and thigh-slimming cut (with shaping at the rear as a bonus!)


seamless solutions - high waist shaping thong in Almond worn by woman with hands on hip in side view Yummie



Smoothing From the Top Down

With the right outfit, you can easily take the alternate approach of wearing a top that smooths out a muffin top, accentuating your bust rather than your waist. 

Our slimming tank tops and camis are designed to offer enough support to provide full smoothing while also being comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. Try our Convertible Shaping Camisole - Outlast® Seamless with a built-in tummy panel to give you a Yummie hug as it seamlessly tucks into pants without ridges or rolls. This muffin top control shapewear is also made of Outlast® temperature control fabric, which will keep you cool in the summer. Pair this with a maxi skirt and an eye-catching necklace and you have the ideal picnic attire.


Convertible Shaping Camisole - Outlast® Seamless in Black worn by model with hand on hip facing forward Yummie



Full Body Muffin Top Control

If you’re looking for 360-degree smoothing, a bodysuit can be the best shapewear for muffin top control and provide the foundation for your clothing. Like our camis and tanks, a bodysuit can be worn with pants or a skirt with no jacket required. 

In addition to getting rid of any muffin tops, a bodysuit will also prevent rolls from appearing underneath and above your bra. Our Ruby Shaping Full Back Bodysuit - Cotton Seamless provides a slimming base with medium compression and side-seam free construction. Say goodbye to unflattering rolls with the knit in shaping panel that acts as a muffin top control band.


Ruby Shaping Full Back Bodysuit - Cotton Seamless in Dapple Grey worn by woman with hands above head in hair standing on side Yummie



In addition to shapewear, you can control muffin top exposure by opting for high-waisted garments instead of tight, low fitting ones. Pair your muffin top control underwear and shapewear with outfits that draw attention away from the waist or that work to accentuate an hourglass silhouette. With your muffin top under control, you’ll have peace of mind and look amazing!