With temperatures on the rise, you’ll want to stock up on women's comfortable styles

With summer bringing both scorching sun and flashes of summer rain, our yards are going to need a little extra attention to stay lush. When temperatures are pushing 90 every day, sweating it out to get in your yard work may be the only option you have. Stay stylish and feel cool with women’s clothing designed to do both. We’ve compiled a list of breathable and comfortable styles that will keep you feeling great while you’re making your garden look great.

convertible shaping camisole - outlast® seamless in Pech Echo and denim shaping legging in True Indigo worn by a woman standing facing forward with hands on waist Yummie


Tops & Bras

Outlast® fabric works to regulate your body temperature, storing heat when it’s cold and releasing it when it’s hot. Start off your outfit with this clothing to stay comfy and balanced – one of our favorites is our Outlast® Cami. Throw it on with your favorite leggings (more on that below) and get to digging! Alternatively, wear our Outlast® Kiara Bralette with Removable Pads or Outlast® Scoop Neck Unlined Bralette under a muscle tank. Alternatively, choose a breezy tee that’s got plenty of airflow or a well-fitted tank. This V-Neck Tee and Peek-a-Boo Twist Back Tee are super comfy, but also stylish enough for running errands before you start working – truly versatile styles. Our Non-Shaping Cotton Tank and Long Sleeve Cotton Rib Tee (great for a cooler day or if you’re working in the shade) are made of cotton – the type of comfortable fabric you should prioritize in any outdoor styles. These are women’s tops and bras that will take your cool-factor to the next level. Literally.

cora seamless shaping biker short in Black with White Stripe and peek-a-boo twist back lounge top - baby french terry in Black worn by a woman facing backwards with hands on thighs and one leg bent Yummie



As we all know, leggings are the foundation of the comfortable women’s clothing pyramid. Especially for gardening, leggings are ideal since they hug your body and won’t get in the way while you’re close to the ground. From bending to stretching, our popular leggings will make all the difference in your gardening game. That is why we have stretchy pairs that will allow you to easily kneel, squat, and reach as you dig, prune, and plant. Our Cora Seamless Bike Short and Mel Cotton Bike Short are great options for just that (plus, Mel also comes in a version with pockets). For a capri legging, try our Talia Cotton Cropped Legging (also comes with pockets!) or our Morgan Seamless Cropped Legging. If you prefer more coverage to protect your legs while you’re in the weeds, we’ve got our Rachel Cotton Legging (and with pockets) as well as our Seamless Legging. Whichever length you choose, clothing with stretch is clutch for keeping comfy all day.

rachel shaping legging with side pockets - cotton stretch in Black and 2-way shaping tank - outlast® seamless in Sodalite Blue worn by a woman standing facing forward with right leg bent and hands in pockets Yummie


With any of these women’s comfortable styles you end up rocking, you’ll look as cute as a button mushroom (and feel cool and comfy) as you flex your green thumb this year!