There’s a lot to love about our shapewear tank collection. Super soft, lightweight, and stretchy, our tanks slim and sculpt to create a flawless base for any outfit. In fact, our shapewear tank tops are so special, they’ve got their own patents! 

Summer, particularly during this period of staying home, is the season of relaxation. When it’s hot outside and you aren’t too fussed about dressing up, reach instead for comfy, cute staples that don’t wrinkle. When choosing between camis vs. tank tops, remember that tank tops provide a little more coverage. Our signature tanks layer beautifully beneath lightweight tops and loungewear, making getting dressed a breeze. Below, we spotlight our favorite patented tanks and the features you’ll love.

Original Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank

Say hello to the OG. If it came first, you know it has to be good. In the very beginning of our brand, this was our core product and we are thrilled to say that it has remained a favorite of many women ever since! The Original Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank stands apart from the crowd with its hourglass panel center that provides medium compression of your core. The top and bottom panels are made of a soft cotton material, so this patented tank looks like a regular tank when layered under sweaters or blouses. 

In the words of our Design Director, MadelynWomen continue to come back for our 3-panel tank designs year after year because of its ease of wear-ability, as well as the firm shaping offered. The shaping portion sewn into the middle smooths your tummy and love handles, and is easily hidden when paired with a jacket or cardigan. All of our shaping tanks and camis help provide everyday solutions for a woman’s wardrobe.

Pearl Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank

Worried about overheating in the hot summer sun? Our Pearl Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank uses Outlast® temperature control fabric to regulate your body heat, absorbing it when you're hot and releasing it back to you when you're cold. It’s blended with viscose to create a premium quality, super soft feel that you’ll love to wear. 

Just check out why Dianne Z. calls this: “My all time favourite tank”: “This has been my go to tank for a long time as it offers everything I love-extra length and great compression. It never fails to disappoint.” 

Boyfriend Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank

When boyfriend is the title of a tank, you know it has to be comfy! Our Boyfriend Yummie Tummie® 3-Panel Shaping Tank has wide bra-friendly straps and a supportive center panel to give you a Yummie hug all day. It holds everything in without giving you a squeeze. New moms – particularly those who have had a C-section – love this patented tank for it’s easy comfort and constant support while they heal. It’s a summer staple we can’t live without. 

Another person that loves this tank? Deborah G., who has this to say about the Boyfriend 3-panel tank in her 5-star review: “Love it, works great under my sweaters and shirts. It’s very comfortable and supportive which really helps me since I’ve had major back surgery. I now have one of each color.”

6-in-1 Shaping Tank

If you want maximum versatility, you have to try the 6-in-1 tank. As the title suggests, this patent-pending supertank can be worn 6 different ways to keep you smoothed and supported in the exact areas you need. You can place the adjustable inner panels at the front, back, or all around, and wear as a scoop neck or v-neck. 

We think Madelyn’s explanation of this tank sums it up perfectly: “Women love options and versatility. This tank gives them the ability to choose one of multiple ways to wear a light shaping solution.” 

The 6-in-1 Shaping Tank makes getting dressed so simple, and customers agree. We couldn’t summarize it better than Shirley F.“Luv my yummie. Fit is excellent. Very versatile. Love that I can choose where I need more holding.”

Our Yummie shapewear tanks are a dream to wear beneath layers because they provide soft support without sticking out. The fabrics are all designed to be 100% smooth and stay in place. There’s no rolling and no sticky feeling like other tanks out there. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a Yummie hug all day and feel confident that you look amazing all summer long!