RealSimple has named our Audrey Unlined Bralette the most comfortable bralette! And we couldn't agree more - gentle support knit right into the fabric paired with no underwire makes it the perfect go-to for casual days. Check out the article below.


16 Best Wireless Bras That Will Have You Ditching Underwire for Good
The perfect style for every need—from small and large busts to nursing and lace bras.

By Tanisha Pina and Rebecca CarhartUpdated March 08, 2021

From back pain to general cage-like constriction, there are seemingly endless reasons to hate wearing a bra. But maybe one of the most universal gripes there is to have with the undergarment that affects just about any size under the sun is the often painful, always annoying, pinching underwire. Whether it’s because of poor quality or because you’ve worn it to its last and final days, there’s hardly anything worse than when a bra’s wire is out of place and digging into the skin.

The most effective way to leave the wire behind? Switch over to a wireless bra—not to be confused with a bralette, the right wire-free style will keep you supported, elevated, and as pushed up as you need with the comfort and flexibility that wired bras wish they could achieve. And what’s better, these options are able to accommodate just about anyone, regardless of size, style preference, or functional need. From small and large busts to nursing styles and lace options, there are plenty of wireless bras on the market right now to satisfy bra wearers everywhere.

To help narrow down your search, we’ve rounded up 16 of the best wire-free bras below that will have you wondering how you haven’t been converted sooner.

Keep reading below to see why each of these best-in-class wireless bras deserve a spot in your daily rotation.

1. Most Comfortable: Yummie Audrey Seamless Day Bra

For the light, second-skin support you crave while running errands, camped out on the couch and everywhere in between, this wireless comfort bra makes the whole concept of forgetting you even have one on a reality. The bra is made with soft, firm yet stretchy material that’s designed to fit snugly (but not too tight) against the skin. One Amazon shopper loved it so much, they called it the “best bra EVER” before adding, “I have gotten so many other women wearing this brand —everyone loves these—it is like wearing nothing.”