Leggings are already wardrobe GOATs (Greatest Of All Time). They’re versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear. But it’s a well known fact: everything is better with pockets. Adding pockets to the internet’s favorite everyday cotton leggings just made sense.

 Rachel Shaping Legging with Side Pockets - Cotton Stretch


But it couldn’t be just a regular old pocket, because you know if we do something, we do it right. Our pockets aren’t just deep, they’re deep-deep. They’re 11" long, big enough to stash a whole wallet’s worth of essentials, and deep enough to withstand the highest of knee lifts. Store your phone, lip gloss, sunglasses, headphones, cards, and keys – yes. They’re that deep.

Our cotton leggings are breathable, soft on the skin and hug you in all the right places. They’re also side-seam free for ultimate comfort. When we call them the internet’s favorite legging, we’re not just saying that: New York Post rated the Rachel the best cotton legging for women. With an hourglass shaped 2-ply signature waistband, you’ll feel smoothed out and supported all day long.

So, meet the gang and choose your favorite:

 Mel Shaping Biker Short with Pockets - Cotton Stretch


There’s Mel, the trendy one. She’s a biker short – yes, a bike short with pockets! Perfect for the girl on the go, style her with an oversized graphic tee and your favorite shoes to live your best 90s-revival life.

 Talia Capri Shaping Legging with Pockets - Cotton Stretch


There’s Talia, the sporty one. She’s a capri-length legging, perfect for yoga or casual days. Pair it with a long line bra top and a bomber jacket for an effortless athleisure look.

 Gloria Ankle Shaping Legging with Pockets - Cotton Stretch


Meet Gloria, the flirty one. She’s a legging with a shorter, ankle-skimming length. If you’re on the shorter side you might find that this length is a great full-length option, but taller ladies can enjoy the ankle-baring crop.

 Rachel Shaping Legging with Mesh Pockets - Cotton Stretch


You already know Rachel; she’s a must have for any wardrobe and can help you pivot back to office-ready apparel without giving up on-the-couch coziness - she’s a good friend like that. Plus, she comes in a mesh pocket version with a side stripe to match whatever mood you’re feelin’.