Our Rachel Legging was featured in an article by the New York Post as the BEST cotton legging!
Our best-selling leggings are so versatile, you can wear them when you're working out, lounging around, or going out!

If you’re like me, then leggings are equally for working out and lounging around at home. For the latter, I like a good cotton pair, and these leggings from Yummie are perfect for just that.

When I found this pair, I was thrilled to find a cotton option, as many companies go straight for the Spandex or nylon and skip over this comfy fabric. I got the Rachel Cotton Stretch Shaping leggings, and was at first a bit nervous, as they said they were shaping and I was going for more of a Netflix-and-chill sort of pant. However, I was super excited to see how comfortable they were and how great they made me look.

The cotton felt nice and thick and they passed the squat test, even in the lighter gray color I got. I was also thrilled to see that when sitting down (and sprawled on the couch), the waistband stayed up and didn’t push into my stomach folds like some other leggings tend to do. These are perfect for those who like feeling supported and held in, but don’t want to feel like they are wearing shapewear.

I was also happy to see that Yummie offers an inclusive range of sizes that go all the way up to a 3X in some colors. For reference, I was wearing the Steel Grey color in a size large, and sizes go up to an XL on the site currently. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so even though these are my new go-to for in-the-house lounging, I might pick up another pair in a different pattern for when I feel like venturing out.

There were only two cons for me: First was the length, but when checking the site again, I did see an almost identical option that are ankle length. Also, there are no pockets in these pants, but I guess that’s fine if you plan to stay in (which we all should, anyway.)

TLDR review

  • Pros:
    • Passes the squat test, just wear seamless underwear if you care about panty lines
    • Cotton is thick and feels high-quality
    • The cotton waistband hugs curves and NO roll down at all on tummy when sitting
    • Great shapewear that doesn’t LOOK like shapewear.
    • Comes in a lot of different styles
    • No tummy bulge
    • Goes up to a 3XL in some styles


  •  Cons:
    • A bit long, should have gone with the Gloria ankle-length leggings for me
    • No pockets

Be sure to check out all Legging Guide to find your favorite pair!! We offer different lengths and styles for all your style needs…and yes, we now have pockets!