Women's Jeans

Show off your curves with innovative denim jeans styles from Yummie. Shopping for women’s jeans can be a chore, both because it’s so hard to find a size that fits and because despite their reputation, denim jeans can be so uncomfortable. Our mission was to develop comfy, stretchy, and stylish jeans that look structured and supportive, yet give you the freedom to move. To make your life easier, our jeans come in a variety of styles to suit your wardrobe: from ankle to skinny to bootcut jeans – and more. No more spending hours trying on countless pairs in the fitting room!

All of our denim jeans are designed as mid rise, but with the secret feature of a shorter zipper to give the illusion of a low rise jean. We’ve also placed the back pockets higher than usual to give the look of a lifted us, these aren’t your average women’s jeans. All of our women’s jeans, like our skinny Ankle Jean, have been made with Core Spun technology to give stretch without losing their shape. From bootcut jeans to super skinnies, you can wear Yummie everyday for a casual, fashionable look that fits any occasion. Add a seamless shaping cami to complete your look.