Breast health is important all year long, so take October to learn with these tips!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Yummie is honoring it with giveaways, discounts, and donations (you can read up on all our favorite ways to mark the month here). To help you honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we compiled a list of our favorite Tata Tips, so you can be your breast self all year long!

 Ta-ta Tip #1: Self-check at any age.

While mammograms are typically recommended for women 45+, self-checking from a young age helps you establish a baseline for what your breasts normally feel like. So get grabby (and download the Keep A Breast app for self-check tips).

 Ta-ta Tip #2: Men get breast cancer, too

While the vast majority of breast cancer cases are in people assigned female at birth, non-binary people and cis-men can get breast cancer as well. About 1% of breast cancer cases are in people assigned male at birth.

 Ta-ta Tip #3: There are over 3.8 million breast cancer survivors in the US

Breast cancer affects people you know. Some of them may be open about their diagnosis and experience, some may not. Take some time this month to let your network know that you’re there for them!

 Ta-ta Tip #4: Lumpectomies ≠ Mastectomies

When it comes to surgery, there are many options for people diagnosed with breast cancer: lumpectomies (aka breast-saving surgery) and many kinds of mastectomies. As tempting as it is to ask diagnosed friends what their treatment plan is, wait for them to volunteer this information themselves. At the end of the day, what someone has going on under their shirt is their info to share (or not).

 Ta-ta Tip #5: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer

Breast cancer is far too common. But people who get regular screenings experience better odds – a 47% lower chance of mortality.

 Ta-ta Tip #6: Improve the odds

While many factors are beyond your control (thanks a bunch, genetics), there are some things you can do to lower your risk, like moderating alcohol consumption and staying physically active.

 Ta-ta Tip #7: Don’t dismiss your risk

While the majority of breast cancer cases occur in older women, about 12,000 women under the age 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

 Ta-ta Tip #8: Get your family history

Having multiple direct relatives with a history of breast cancer increases the odds you’ll be diagnosed. Time to give some of those distant cousins a ring!

 Ta-ta Tip #9: Reconstructive surgery isn’t plastic surgery

Unlike a breast lift or augmentation, post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery is considered part of treatment, and insurance companies are required to treat it as such.

 Ta-ta Tip #10: Boobs are lumpy

The first time you conduct a self-exam, you may be freaked by the number of lumps and bumps you find. Turns out, boobs are bulgey! The largest point of frequent self exams is to determine any new or different bumps. So start memorizing your terrain!


We here at Yummie are committed to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness in October as well as all months of the year - many of our bra styles accommodate post-surgery needs and comfort so all women can feel yummie at all times! If you or anyone you know wants to learn more about or is concerned about breast cancer, please consult your medical provider.