The Yummie Hug highlights a number of our products.
Do you like to be comfortable, look good, and feel confident—every day? So do we. That’s why somewhere between intimates and shapewear, you’ll find Yummie. Our signature styles all have something no other shapewear has—our Yummie Hug.
The Yummie Hug is not a squeeze. It’s a hug—a hug that gives you a flatter, smoother middle. It’s slimming, but not to the point of being uncomfortable.It’s compression light enough for everyday shaping.
The Yummie Hug is a kinder, gentler take on shapewear. It makes clothes fit better, and it makes you look better in them. From our Yummie Tummie tanks to body shapers with our Yummie Hug, our ultimate goal is for you to feel good about yourself.
You wear underwear anyway. Why not make it underwear in a deliciously soft fabric that gives you a hug? Yummie is shapewear you want to wear. It’s shapewear that makes you feel Yummie.
Look for our signature Yummie Hug in our leggings, Original 3-panel Tank, and the Ultralight Collection. It’s amazing what you can do when you feel Yummie.