Just like any other wardrobe staple, bras and bralettes can certainly take a beating from regular wear. That’s why we wanted to share our bra care breakdown - tips and tricks for keeping your bra in mint condition! First up - best practices for washing.

How To Properly Wash A Bra

Raise your hand if you wash your bra after every wear? Yeah don’t worry, we don’t either. The good news is, that’s totally normal and totally fine! Just be sure to wash your Yummie bra every 3rd or 4th wear to maximize its lifespan. Here’s how:

Use A Delicates Bag

While our bra gurus recommend hand-washing your garments, should you choose to do so in the machine, make sure to place your bras and bralettes in a lingerie bag to show them some love.

Gentle Detergent Is Best For Bra Care

Also super important when it comes to how to properly wash a bra, wash with similar colors using a gentle detergent. Doing this will help to maintain the integrity of the original garment.

Take Out The Pads!

Next, don’t forget those removable pads. They definitely need to be taken out and hand-washed in order to maintain their shape! 

Keep Away From Heavy Garments

And last but not least… never, ever, wash your bras and bralettes with heavy garments such as jeans or jackets. This could lead to rips and tears in your Yummie wares :-(
Okay that’s all from us today! With these tips for how to care for bras in your back pocket, your Yummie items will be sure to support your Yummiest You! 
Oh and before you go… we wanted to mention that bras are like toothbrushes. Not in form or function, of course, but in the way that you need to change them out regularly. We know it’s annoying, and it’s one more thing to remember, so we’ll remind you when it’s time for a bra care update! Be on the lookout…. we got you!
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