With the summer nearing its end and fall right around the corner, it’s time for a quick rundown of the best summer trends that translate well in the fall. Take a look and let us know which summer trends you'll be wearing to the pumpkin patch this year!


    A definite mainstay with the bodysuit first hitting the scene a few seasons ago, we see no signs of this trend slowing down. Designed as shapewear and for women who do sports, the bodysuit has truly become the wardrobe staple that can be worn with virtually any bottom from skirts to shorts to pants.

      Woman wearing black bodysuit with jeans outside.

      This fall, you are in luck! We've expanded our bodysuit collection with 2 long sleeve bodysuit styles - 1 mockneck and 1 crewneck, both available in white and black.  For a fashion touch, the crew is also available in a silver grey. Our mainstay Ruby Scoopneck Bodysuit will still be available in its basic colors. 

      Soon to be mother wearing white bodycuit with knit sweater.

      Bodysuits are perfect for any season, as they make the perfect layer under a jacket, sweater, or on it's own!


      Leggings with Cutouts and Mesh

      A trend that has not been going anywhere for the past year or so, leggings with cutouts and mesh details are great for transitioning from summer to fall. They can be good for almost any occasion, as they have the look that is very trendy at the moment. Dress them up or down with sneakers or heels, a cute sweater or a crop top, they will go for any occasion.

      Girl wearing black mesh legging reading a book.

      This fall, we have a great new pair of leggings coming your way. Be on the lookout for our new ankle length legging featuring mesh trim at the ankle and our signature Yummie Hug at the waist! These are available in black and a grey, so make sure you check them out!


      What women doesn’t want to wear the most comfortable bra in the world? We are so thankful that the bralette trend is one that easily translates from summer to fall. If you are wearing your favorite crop top for an evening out or your flannel shirt to the pumpkin patch, comfort is king (or queen)!

      Brunette crossing the street sporting gray bralette.

      Bralettes are the perfect choice for the girl that wants support and comfort, and this season we have a great new fashion grey Convertible Scoop Neck Bralette that is perfect for any occasion and is the best piece to transition from summer to fall!



      The best thing that any woman can have in her closet is a versatile piece of clothing. Let it be a convertible bra or wrap that can be worn any which way, or even a long sleeve shirt that you like to tie at the waist. It needs to happen. And not because they are versatile in season, but because they can be worn multiple ways.

        Girl wearing black 6 in 1 shaping tank outside.

        Here at Yummie we believe that more options in one piece of clothing is better, so that’s why one of the best transitional pieces to have in your closet is the new patent-pending 6-in-1 Shaping Tank. It is truly a revolutionary piece of shape wear that can be worn on any occasion and give you the all-around support you need to feel confident. Whether you choose to wear the moveable panels in front, back or all-around, this is the absolute must have piece for comfort all year round! 

        No matter what time of year, we will always have the trends covered and the right styles to fit your life. Don’t let the seasons deter you from dressing and looking fabulous all the time!