We’re known for our deliciously soft shapewear, but that’s not all we do here at Yummie! In addition to our range of leggings, jeans, tanks and bras, we’re introducing luxuriously comfy, barely-there panties meant for everyday. 

Some days, the benefits of shapewear are essential for you to look and feel your best. Other days, you want the bare minimum. To create the right base layer for your clothing, read on to learn about our shaping panties and new non-shaping line that we designed to be among the most comfortable women's underwear. 

What Makes This the Most Comfortable Underwear?

Tired of thick, poorly designed panties bunching under your clothing and giving you panty lines? We’ve come up with the solution and your bum will thank us. Our new, beautifully simple non-shaping women’s underwear is designed to fit your wardrobe effortlessly. 

You may be asking: What is this underwear made of that makes it different from the rest? Well, they’re designed in soft, stretchy nylon, and they have a soft flat elastic at the legs. Not to mention: the sideseam free construction! This means that they won’t roll, crease, or cause red marks on your bikini line. Sounds pretty dreamy to us!

How to Choose Between Non-Shaping vs. Shaping Panties

Non-Shaping Panties That’s a Breeze to Wear

For minimal coverage, our new Non-Shaping Bikinis are a daily go-to when it comes to the most comfortable women’s underwear. In fact, they’re so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them as you breeze through the day in a skirt, dress, or pants. 

You can compare these to some of our shaping panties, which offer more tummy taming control, but fit more like a high-waisted brief in terms of cut. Our non-shaping bikini is the only bikini style we offer with a cut that begins just above the hip bones. This makes them an ideal pair of women’s underwear for low-cut trousers and skirts.

Briefs Can Be Your Most Comfortable – and Supportive – Underwear 

For a non-shaping panty in a more classic brief shape, our Non-Shaping Retro Briefs offer breathable coverage from the bellybutton on down. Our gentle, soft briefs never squeeze, so you don’t have to fear a muffin top. They’re perfectly suited to high-waisted clothing or dresses. 

If you want a bit of extra support, opt for our shaping briefs. A pair like our Ultralight Seamless Shaping Brief is an example of a pair of women’s support underwear that will slim your waistline and provide control with Level 2 light compression. Our shaping bottoms come in a range of compression from Level 1 Light Smoothing to Level 4 Firm Compression. 

Maximum Coverage From a Seamless Short

For even more coverage, our non-shaping line of women’s underwear also includes new Simply Soft Seamless Non-Shaping Long Shorts, which extend to high thigh. These shorts are a unique gem to add to your underwear drawer as they provide extra coverage and chafing protection. While they don’t offer compression like our shaping shorts, they do abide by this collection’s dedication to being among the most comfortable women’s underwear, and they create a smooth base layer for a silky skirt while feeling super lightweight all day long. 

For a shapewear option, look to our Cotton Seamless Shaping Short. Perfect for summer, these have Level 3 medium compression and a tummy-taming, 2-ply waistband. Wear these seamless shorts to create a smooth silhouette when you want just a bit more firming and slimming action from your underwear (plus, peace of mind that you’ll never have to fear Marilyn Monroe moments again!)

Whether you’re looking for non-shaping or shaping panties, we’ve got you covered! Our new non-shaping bottoms are super easy to wear with a soft feel and minimal coverage. You’ll love these as your most comfortable underwear for more relaxed days, and then you can swap with your shapewear when you want more compression. In either case, your enviable underwear drawer will provide the perfect base for your wardrobe!