Imagine a fabric so soft it felt like a second skin. Imagine a fabric so functional it could regulate your body temperature? Well... NASA DID! Yup! You read that right. NASA did it and so did we! We’ve knitted this patented technology into our everyday tanks, bras and bodysuits! So, let’s get to know why our Outlast® fabric just might be the greatest fabric on earth.

Our Outlast® temperature control fabric regulates your body heat, by absorbing it when you're hot and releasing it back to you when you're cold. Innovative right? We thought so too.

But wait there’s more. Just when you thought this fabric couldn’t get any better, we go and blend our Outlast® with Viscose, which creates the perfect cozy layer — super breathable, super comfortable and super soft. So soft you’ll forget you’re wearing. With so many yummie colors to choose from, all we can say is you’ll want one of each!

So now we’ll leave it up to you. Is it Outlast® or is it outta this world?