This NASA-designed fabric is so advanced, you’ll wonder if it’s alien tech.

Imagine a fabric so soft you want to hug everyone you see, just so they can feel it too. Now, imagine a fabric so high-tech and functional it can regulate your body temperature like a thermostat. There’s no way these could be…the same fabric? You might have guessed it, but we’re talking about Outlast®, the NASA-developed fabric Yummie uses to pack even more performance into our elevated tanks, bras, and bodysuits! So, let’s get to know why our Outlast® fabric just might be the greatest fabric on (or off) earth.

 Convertible Shaping Camisole - Outlast® Seamless


Our Outlast® temperature control fabric regulates your body heat, keeping you a perfect, comfortable temperature – not too hot, not too cold. It absorbs excess heat when you're hot and releases that heat back to you when you're cold. It’s clutch in shaping garments, turning typically uncomfortable special occasion pieces into ultra-wearable go-tos. This breathable fabric is the perfect option when the heat hits or you enjoy some temperature control.

 Tanya Bralette - Outlast® Seamless


Just when you thought this fabric couldn’t get any better, we go and blend our Outlast® with Viscose, creating the perfect cozy layer — super breathable, super comfortable, and super soft. Find Outlast® in our Convertible Shaping Cami (with multi-style straps), our Tanya Bralette (wire-, closure-, and side seam-free for maximum comfort), and our Short Sleeve Shaping Thong Bodysuit (gives you the look of a perfect fit white tee with smooth lines that won’t come untucked). It’s so soft, you’ll never want to take it off. Who knew that our already breathable women’s clothing and comfortable style options could get any better? The universe wasn’t ready. 

 Short Sleeve Shaping Thong Bodysuit - Outlast® Seamless


This NASA-designed tech is so advanced it makes you wonder – could it possibly have alien origins? We’ll leave it to you: is it Outlast® or is it outta this world?