It’s December, which means the holidays are here already! Presents to be bought, decorations to hang, family photos to send out, cooking to be done, party planning – the list goes on. But don’t worry yet! While it’s important to stay on top of things, we’re here to remind you that it’s just as important to take a break and truly enjoy the people and festivities around you. Yummie wants you to feel supported, both literally and figuratively. So, we’ve curated some quick ideas on how to de-stress and relish in the holiday season.

For starters, a simple walk tends to help with any stress. Listen to some music or just witness the environment around you. Maybe there’s a street full of lights and decorations to see? Or even bring a friend, parent, or family member along. And make sure you’re cozy while doing so. (Our Anita legging tends to help with that – wink).

Yummie Anita Bra

Another idea is to devote an evening to doing something you love, whether it’s reading a book with a warm cup of tea, watching a movie with the family, looking through old photo albums, catching up on your favorite blogs (double wink), or reconnecting with friends over a cup of coffee at your favorite café. Anything goes, so long as it’s something you love and a simple activity you’ll look forward to. You’d be surprised how much joy having a friendly conversation can bring! And the more often you can carve out time to do so, the better.

People toasting with holiday cups

It’s also a gift to treat yourself to a night out at your favorite restaurant, either with the family or significant other – your choice. Spend at least one night not worrying about what has to be made for dinner and have chefs do it instead. Okay, sure, this might require some planning to organize, but it’s very minimal and definitely worth the experience. No matter how fancy or casual you want the night to be, just pick a place and time and enjoy the freshly made (insert your favorite meal here).    

Yummie Emmie T-Back Bralette in black

Our last thought is to spend even a few hours catching up on your beauty routine, or perhaps starting a new one! We recently partnered with Sweet Spot Labs and Lavanila, two brands focusing on beauty products for women’s needs. They’re bound to have a product that’ll fit perfectly into any regimen. In the hustle and bustle of everything, it can be easy to overlook the little essentials of self-care. So discover some new products, enjoy a warm shower, get your nails done with a fresh holiday color, put on a face mask, light a candle, and lounge around in your comfiest bathrobe or Yummie bra, like our Emmie Wirefree T-Back! (Pictured above). Set aside plenty of time so you aren’t rushing. It’s amazing how incredible you’ll feel after some wellness touch-ups!

vanilla scented candle by brand LaVanilla

Sweet Spot Labs cream

The holiday season really is a beautiful time of the year devoted to friends, family, and fun. Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget this under the planning and occasional stress involved. So remember to take a breath, recognize yourself for the effort and love you’re putting in, and take an afternoon or evening for you to reconnect with family and friends. Value each other as well as yourself. We at Yummie certainly value you and recognize the amount of work women put in on the daily. Through both our shapewear and spirit, know that Yummie supports you in all your upcoming endeavors.

Red and white holiday stockings

Stay tuned for more fashion, shapewear, and lifestyle inspiration. And be sure to come back all month long for new deals and surprises!