Becoming a mom is a beautiful journey, but let's be real – it comes with its share of body changes. That's where yummie's fabulous postpartum shapewear steps in, offering comfort and support during your post-baby glow-up. At yummie, we've designed the ultimate shapewear for postpartum to embrace your evolving shape and boost your confidence every step of the way, crafted with super-soft, stretchy fabrics that provide gentle support without ever feeling restrictive. Whether you're rocking a tank or your favorite leggings, our postpartum clothing smooths and supports, making you feel as good as you look. As you navigate those first few months with your little one, our shapewear helps you feel secure and supported, giving your body the gentle hug it needs.

Explore our range of supportive postpartum wear (with and without shaping) designed with love and care, because every mom deserves to feel yummie.

2-way shaping tank - outlast® seamless in white worn by a woman pictured from her waist up, hands on her hips looking away yummie


2-Way Shapewear Tank

The best shapewear for after pregnancy is soft and supportive where you need it most: the tummy. This tank has light, level 2 shaping that cradles your middle and delivers just the right amount of support through a hidden knit-in shaping panel at the tummy. You can wear it as a scoop or V-neck for added versatility. Grab it in tank and Cami styles!

audrey unlined bralette - outlast® seamless in black worn by a woman with her right hand on her hip, looking away smiling yummie


Audrey Unlined Bralette

This bralette is unlined, wire-free, and closure-free; it’s designed to give you gentle support that soothes without squeezing. It’s made of super soft Outlast® temperature-regulating fabric that regulates your body temperature, storing heat when you’re hot and releasing it when you’re cold.

tanya bralette - outlast® seamless in frappe worn by a woman standing slight sideways with her hands on her hips smiling yummie


Tanya Bralette with Removable Pads

Our Tanya Bralette delivers comfortable support across the wide, smoothing back and sides. One of our favorite features? Removable pads that let you customize your fit. With no wires, closures, or side-seams, this will be the most comfortable bra you own, whether you’re one month, one year, or one decade postpartum.

ultralight shaping brief - seamless in frappe worn by a woman standing sideways with her left hand on her hip yummie


Ultralight Shaping Brief

When considering the best shapewear for new moms, a pair of shaping briefs are a must. These feature level 2 light shaping in a high-rise that wraps your whole mid-section in support through feedings and postpartum cramping. Bonus: a wide 2-ply waistband delivers some extra shaping at the waist. The lightweight fabric of these undies make them great for postpartum and beyond: you’ll find yourself reaching for them every day, so you should probably also grab them in a Short and a Thong to wear under a variety of outfits

seamless shaping legging in black worn by a person standing sideways as if walking on toes with right foot in front yummie


Seamless Shaping Legging

If there’s ever a time to consider living in leggings, it’s after giving birth. These are buttery soft with a seamless construction – when comfort is hard to find, these seamless leggings will help. The 360-degrees of shaping support you from waist to ankle, with extra shaping at the tummy through the 2-ply waistband. They also come in a Short and Capri.

livi comfortably curved smoothing brief - seamless in black worn by a woman standing sideways pictured from midwaist to midthigh yummie


Livi Comfortably Curved Brief

Our Livi Smoothing Brief has lighter level 1 smoothing if you’re only interested in a little hold. The control is graduated from the waist to tummy, so there are no hard lines or bumps. Ruching at the back gives your tush a perky look. Our Comfortably Curved Collection also includes the Bria Smoothing Short and Liliana Smoothing Thong, so all your shapewear for postpartum needs are covered!

non-shaping 2-way tank - seamless in black worn by a woman standing slightly sideways arms by her side styled with a sweater and leggings yummie


Non-Shaping 2-Way Tank

If you’re looking for soft without the shaping, this non-shaping tank is made of, stretchy nylon and soft, fold-over elastic at the neckline for a nap-worthy level of comfort (but without looking like PJs). It’s reversible, so you can wear it as a scoop or V-neck.

non-shaping retro brief - seamless in dusty cedar worn by a woman standing with her arms crossed over her head smiling yummie


Non-Shaping Retro Brief

With a high rise and touchably soft nylon, these non-shaping briefs will be the pair you grab straight out of the dryer to wear. They don’t have any sideseams, so you never have to worry about pinching or itching.


Mom’s night out is a must! If you’re headed to an event, fear not – check out our Seamless Solutions collection with firm shaping for those special occasions.