There’s no perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe: any day is the best opportunity for a refresh – and that includes your undie drawer, too! To get started, take a beat to consider what types of underwear you actually enjoy wearing...and what needs to go. We all should have on hand at least a few different types of panties to go beneath every kind of outfit. So, we’ve compiled a little guide of the bare necessities to help a girl out. 

Snuggle Up to the Idea of Full Support with Classic Briefs

Best to wear: Lounging around the house, under a flowy skirt or dress, with thick materials like wool, with high-waisted jeans, when it’s your time of the month.

When it comes to different types of panties, there’s nothing like a simple, classic pair of women’s underwear with comfort and coverage when you want it. That’s where briefs come in. 

Our Non-Shaping Retro Brief - Seamless comes up to just below the belly button, providing peace of mind front and back. Buttery soft, stretchy nylon and spandex create a flexible, breathable underwear fabric you’ll love to wear year-round. Full-coverage panties are now a trending type of underwear for women, so if we didn’t have enough reasons to love briefs already, we do now!

A Dependable Bikini is a Must-Have for Women When it Comes to Types of Underwear

Best to wear: With almost anything except slinky or athletic fabrics that could show VPL.

Stretchy soft bikini-style underwear are one of the most popular types of underwear for women. They’re a daily must-have as a lighter coverage option than a brief. Our new Non-Shaping Bikini - Seamless are as soft as a cloud and made for movement. These types of panties make you feel good, no matter what you’re wearing.

Non-Shaping Bikini - Seamless in Pavement worn by woman with arm at waist and other holding hair facing forward and in Rose Smoke with hand at waist and other in hair facing forward Yummie


Stretchy Shorts Are a Different Type of Panty for When You Need a Bit More Coverage

Best to wear: With silk or satin fabrics that would show panty-lines, with dresses and skirts that could blow in the wind, when you feel like you need more support.

While shaping shorts may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of types of female undies, a pair of our Bria Comfortably Curved Smoothing Short - Seamless provide the best coverage under slinky outfits where you don’t want to see panty lines. They’re perfect for billowy dresses that could potentially cause a Marilyn Monroe moment. In the warmer months, they’ll also minimize chafing thighs, letting you move comfortably all day long. 

bria comfortably curved smoothing short - seamless in Almond worn by woman in side view Yummie


Add a Bit of Shapewear for Days When You Need Support

Best to wear: With slinky fabrics, tight clothing, or anytime you crave a Yummie hug.

Be sure to leave some room in your undie drawer for shaping bottoms. When you want a little compression around the tummy, but no VPL, a shaping thong is a must. Our Ultralight Shaping Thong with Lace - Seamless is sexy and supportive while slimming the waist. 

ultralight shaping thong with lace - seamless in Almond worn by woman standing on side | Yummie

For more coverage and a built-in Yummie hug, try our Sage Shaping Brief - Seamless or our Ultralight Shaping Short - Seamless. These super soft shapewear bottoms are made to smooth out any lines and bumps, providing a flawless base for your outfit. 

sage shaping brief - seamless in Black worn by woman standing on side Yummie

Cleaning out the closet at the end of the year means throwing away things that are holding you back, and making room for a fresh start! Do yourself a favor and get rid of the underwear that’s just taking up space in your drawer. Then, treat yourself to a variety of new, different types of panties and shapewear to fill it. You’ll find getting dressed a lot easier when you own a wardrobe of feel-good, look-good underwear options.