Layered under a cardigan or worn on their own, shaping camisoles and tank tops are summer essentials that are often interchangeable. However, if you get down to the nitty-gritty, there are some occasions where one is preferable over the other. For example, camisoles are great for invisible layering under a blouse, while tank tops naturally provide more coverage so are often thought of as shirts. 

As we compare a camisole vs. a tank top, discover how each can be styled to perfection below.

A Brief History of the Cami Vs. Tank Top
If you look back at history, camisoles stemmed from corset covers. The simple cami then became a form of lingerie that was traditionally close-fitting and thin in material. In the early 1980s, the camisole became more popular as a casual shirt option. By contrast, tank tops originated as women’s swimwear in the 1920s before being adopted by men around the 1930s. By the 1970s, women and men had embraced tank tops as the perfect pairing to groovy bell-bottoms.

Camisole Vs. Tank Top: When to Wear Camisoles

With a built-in Yummie hug, our camisoles are meant to be worn by themselves or underneath a loose blouse, top, or even a sweater during the cooler months. Slip our 3-in-1 Shaping Cami under a classic wrap dress and adjust its inner shapewear panels to target the areas where you need a little support. Our Ultralight Seamless Lace Back Shaping Cami can be styled as a cozy top for relaxing at home or paired with a flowing skirt for a night out, all while providing Level 2 light compression for just the right amount of smoothing. As camisoles are incredibly versatile, we’d recommend wearing them as an optional layering piece with anything from skinny jeans to something looser.

When to Wear Tank Tops

In comparing a cami vs. tank top, sometimes it comes down to coverage. If you crave more coverage, then a Yummie tank is your go-to. Our Comfortably Cool Scoop Neck Shaping Tank has wide straps and a higher neckline so it’s ideal as a top worn on its own with jeans or shorts. Level 3 medium compression ensures you look smooth and slim and avoiding any pesky muffin tops. Plus, it’s made with Wincool®Viscose cooling yarn to keep you cool even in the hottest summer months. 

We’d recommend layering some large necklaces over the front of your shapewear tank to jazz up your look. We also have a variety of versatile tanks that are designed to be worn under clothes, like our Wear Your Own Bra Shaping Tank, which is a bustless tank. It’s a dream for tricky necklines where you still want a shaper on top!

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a battle when it comes to how to choose shapewear and whether to opt for a camisole vs. tank top: We believe there’s a place for both in a woman’s closet! It’s a good idea to stock up on different colors, necklines, and strap widths to suit various occasions and outfits. Our camis and tanks are lightweight and easy-to-wear so that no matter what, you feel secure.