As if we don’t have enough to worry about, it’s shocking how difficult it can be to find well-fitting bras. Nearly 80 percent of women wear the wrong size: resulting in unwanted bulges, uncomfortable squeezing, and even back pain. 

In general, you should have a few comfortable bras in your wardrobe to suit different necklines and occasions. We’d recommend at least two straightforward t-shirt bras, a few sports bras, a convertible bra like our Peyton Contour Strapless Convertible Bra, and a cozy lounge bra. 


peyton contour strapless convertible bra in Almond worn by woman in side view Yummie

Below, find 10 common bra questions that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask, along with suggestions for some of the best bras you can buy.


Bra Question 1: How should the band fit?

When calculating your bra size, wear an unlined wire bra rather than a push-up underwire. Grab a measuring tape and encircle the base of your bra under your bust. The measuring tape should be snug. Round to the nearest whole number for your band size.

Bra Question 2: How do I measure my bust size?

With the measuring tape around your back, wrap it around the fullest part of your bust for your measurement. Then, let the measuring tape settle without squeezing. Round to the nearest whole number.

Bra Question 3: How do I measure my cup size accurately?

To get your cup size, subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. Match the number you get with the alphabet. For example: if you get 3, then you will be a C cup as this is the third letter of the alphabet. 

Over-spillage or gaping in the cups is a sign that you are not wearing the right bra size. It may be tempting to get a smaller size to make your breasts appear large, but this will be uncomfortable in the long run.

Bra Question 4: My breasts are different sizes; what should I do?

It is completely normal for women to have different sized breasts! If this is the case for you, measure the larger breast and go with that bra size. 

Our stretchy bras with removable pads, like our V-Neck Bralette - Seamless, are ideal for providing support to different breast sizes. You could also remove one pad to even out the appearance of your breasts. Since many Yummie bras are designed as dual sized, multiple sizes can fit into one bra. Depending on how you like your bra to fit, you can go up or down a size for either a more loose or snug feel. So even if you’re a 34D, if you want a more snug fit, you can wear a S/M. Prefer something more loose? Go for a M/L. 


V-Neck Bralette – Seamless in White worn by woman facing forward with hands on hip Yummie



Bra Question 5: Why do my bra straps slide off?

If this bra question occurs to you despite tightening, it is likely that your bra is too large. 

Bra Question 6: Why are my bra straps digging in?

Unlike the previous scenario, bra straps digging in could be a sign that you need a larger bra size. You want to avoid unwanted lumps that could be created by too-tight straps.

Bra Question 7: What does it mean if my band keeps moving up my back? 

This is a telltale sign that your bra band size is too big. The weight of your breasts is pulling down in the front, causing the band to rise up in the back. Your band should not look like an upside-down U shape in the back or create unwanted bulges.

Bra Question 8: How does style affect bra size?

Not all bras will fit all breasts. Cup shapes can be different and if you have gaps or squeezing, it might signify that the bra is just not the right style for you. Our advice is to try a range of styles of bras in person. 

Bra Question 9: How does material affect size?

Some materials have more stretch than others, particularly soft lounge bras, like our Audrey Unlined Bralette - Outlast® Seamless. Take into account that your bra will stretch if it has any Spandex before determining what size you want for soft bras.


Audrey Unlined Bralette - Outlast® Seamless in Black worn by woman facing forward with hands on hip Yummie



Bra Question 10: What do “full bust,” “full figure” and “plus size” mean when it comes to sizing?

These terms regarding bra size sound similar, but refer to different things. If you see advertisements for ‘Full Bust,’ they are referring to women with a small band size and a large cup size. ‘Plus Size’ is specifically referring to band sizes that are 38 or larger. ‘Full Figure’ is where the band size is larger than 38 and the cup size is above DD. 

If you’re searching for a bra that can fit most bust sizes, our Eva Square Neck Bralette - Seamless is available in sizes up to 2X/3X. This tank style bralette features a square neckline and wide straps. It is wire free and seamless and has wide smoothing back and sides for comfort.


Eva Square Neck Bralette – Seamless in Frappe worn by woman facing in side view with hand on hip Yummie

Now that we’ve answered your bra questions, it’s time to handle the rest of your undergarments. We’ve got you covered again: Head on over to our article on how to choose shapewear to go with every outfit!