ummie selif On the left, we have our Yummie Office Charlie's Angels--minus the brunette of course--rocking our Bernadette Lace Leggings! It was a very quiet morning in the office when two of our Directors rolled in wearing almost identical outfits. Although they say it wasn't planned, many of us are still debating. They paired a black dress with knee-high boots and our Bernadette Leggings-- a holiday favorite! On the right, we have a very Yummie lady who sent in her #yummieselfie rocking our Estelle Dress. From the cold and windy city of Chicago, she looks hot in this dress, which has a nicely weighted fabric and longer sleeves a bit of warmth. The Estelle was so popular, it's out of stock, but if you like the look, be sure to check out the Merrin Dress. It's on sale for just $39 and so Yummie for the holidays! Want to be featured on the blog? Send in your #yummieselfie on twitter @yummiebyht