As the weather gets colder, motivating  yourself to get out the door – especially to workout can be next to impossible. To help you get up and get exercising here are a few Yummie fitness tips: Small changes can add up to great health benefits! 1. Set fitness goals. Before heading out for a barre class, bike ride or strength-training session have a specific goal in mind for that workout. 2. Have a work-out buddy. Not only it is it more fun to work out with a friend, you can motivate each other to push harder towards your goals. kkk-_MG_7771 4. Mix it up. Try a new piece of equipment  or type of workout each week. There's a huge variety out there, so choose a day and add something new to your routine. kkkb-_MG_0081 3. Stay hydrated. Water does wonders from the inside out. It will aid in digestion and keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.   And don't forget to check out the entire Yummie Acitve collection!