The wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life. It is the moment where you and your partner declare your love in front of your beloved friends and family, and it is a day to have a celebration of you and the new life you’re going to have. It will be a day of true ecstasy, but there will definitely be moments of stress. To save you from (some of) your stress, we have created a list of bridal essentials you will likely need for a flawless, bridal look: 1. Pre-wedding: Lightweight Short Robe Slip it on after a shower – With the finest pima cotton and modal, the piece is luxurious and lightweight. It is the perfect product to wear during your lengthy hair and make-up. 2. Ceremony: Women's A-Line Slip No matter your body type, any women would love a Yummie Slip to slim, smooth, shape and stay in place. The style will be dependent on the cut of your dress, but each piece provides the same sexiness and comfort needed for you to feel confident and carefree walking down the aisle. 3. Reception: Lorelai High Waist Thong Assuming you slip into something more moveable for your reception, we suggest you pair your dress with the Lorelai High Waist Thong. This high waist thong is knit with innovative X4J ultra-light breathable fabric for comfortable, seam-free shaping with soft, stay put silicone at the top. Powerful zoned compression targets and lifts – shaping only where you need it. 4. Honeymoon Travel: Super Skinny Jeans & Boxy Tee Considering the fact that you just partied the whole night through, Yummie suggests a comfortable, but stylish look to head to the airport. The Boxy Tee is perfect for seasonal layering, and will protect you from the chill of the airplane, and prepare you for a warmer or colder climate (depending on your destination). Our super skinny jeans easily take you from day to night and are great for a casual, fashionable look that fits any occasion. Brunette happily flaunts her Yummie Bridal apparel.
Brunette happily flaunts her Yummie Bridal apparel.