We all have challenges to overcome. Obstacles that some say aren't possible to push past. It can make us feel like our backs are against the wall. No Barriers teaches there is a different way. We can face into the storm of life and find our way through. You just need some support to break down those barriers and discover that: What's Within You Is Stronger Than What's In Your Way.

That's why Heather is a No Barriers Ambassador. No Barriers has helped her discover the strength within to overcome the challenges she faces -- the challenges we all inevitably face. On July 31st she'll join fellow No Barriers Ambassadors and participants as they climb to the summit of a 14,000-foot peak in the Rocky Mountains. She's never been at 14,000 feet before, but she is determined to make it to the summit and she took the No Barriers Pledge to make it happen.

 Next Stop Colorado! For more on Heather's  journey with No Barriers and training check out the first of her two-part blog series on Well+Good! And #ShopForACause again this week – now through Friday (7/31) a portion of the proceeds from the yummie active collection will be benefiting No Barriers.   No BarriersNo Barriers SummitPark City, Utah2015