This week we are talking with one of the leading ladies at Yummie, our senior designer, Madelyn Ulrich! 

She has been around the block when it comes to design and has an integral role in everything that is produced by Yummie. Did we mention that she even has a bodysuit named after her? Keep your eyes out for this piece this fall, it's a staff favorite. When it comes to knowing Yummie and of course the technicality of all our fabrics and pieces, it's Madelyn. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about herself as well as all things fabric at Yummie. 

Model wearing white Yummie shapewear.

How long have you been in design? 

I have been in the industry a little over 11 years now. 

Did you always want to design shapewear/lingerie? 

My background is in ready-to-wear and I truly never intended to go into intimates or lingerie. It was something that just happened! I've been in the lingerie world for approximately 9 years total and almost 5 of those years have been here at Yummie, where I've designed everything from shapewear to denim! 

How long have you been Senior designer at Yummie? 

I've been at Yummie for 5 years this coming April. I've been senior designer for the last 2-3 years. 

What is your favorite piece you have designed at Yummie and why? 

Probably my namesake - the Madelyn bodysuit because it's a true ready-to-wear/shape hybrid. It holds everything in and is meant to be seen! No one knows you're wearing shapewear. 

Sketch of Yummie shapewear.

Can you explain to us the technical side of Yummie's fabrics and how they shape? 

Most fabrics these days are truly about function. That can be said about every fabric we choose for our Yummie shapewear. For example, many of our bodysuits, camis and tanks use specialty yarn called Outlast. This yarn is combined in the knitting process with other yarns like nylon, tencel and spandex. Together these are knitted together to make a soft yet powerful fabric that most of our customers know and love. We then use a seamless machine to knit our signature Yummie Hug shaping panel for the yummie area.  So much technology goes into clothing - especially Yummie shapewear

What do you look for when you are picking out fabrics? 

One of the most important features I look for in a shaping fabric is recovery. If it stretches does it bounce back? That bounce back is called recovery and it's so important in shape. It's what holds you in. 

What makes Yummie's fabrics different compared to some of the other leading shapewear brands in the industry? 

Quality and Comfort! At Yummie everything has to be of great quality so that it holds up to many wears and wears! Also, comfort. If it's not soft - it's not Yummie. 

Shapewear is a category of intimates that not everyone fully understands, especially that this category isn't JUST for event dressing. Can you explain to us how our shapewear is measured for its shaping abilities and how these ratings allow for everyday wear? 

Yummie measures our shapewear on a scale from 1-5. It’s also important to know that all pieces we make whether a 1 or a 5 are comfortable enough to be worn every day. Nothing will make you feel like you’ve shaved off 5 inches. I like to wear our Ultralight Seamless and Outlast bodysuits almost daily. They range from a 2-3. But if I want to wear hidden curves which is a 4 I know I’ll be able to breathe all day long.

What is your favorite piece at Yummie based on its shaping abilities? 

My favorite piece available right now is our high-waisted thong from the Hidden Curves collection (pssttt...Rihanna just wore this to the Grammys). This collection features bonded panels - that means no seams in the tummy area for comfort. Also, the fabric is super lightweight, yet strong! The spandex content is 57%, giving it the ability to perform all day long - and importantly you are comfortable! 

Madelyn discusses Yummie fabrics.