Every woman out there knows that getting that perfect piece of shapewear can be tricky. But we here at Yummie have come up with some of the best tips to satisfy all your undergarment needs! 

1. Make sure you are wearing the right size when it comes to your shapewear. We cannot stress this enough. Some women try to size down when shopping for the right piece because they think it will give them extra compression - but that's certainly not the case.  If you’re in a size that's too small, you could be creating more fit problems than you're solving.The shapewear piece could start to roll down and make everything fall out of place. Sometimes, it can even make you look bigger than you are, and cause unwanted bumps that shapewear is supposed to smooth out!

Wearing the wrong size could also cause massive discomfort and make for an unpleasant experience.  For the best possible results, don't wait until the last minute to try your pieces on before wearing them. Just because you are a medium bottom, does not necessarily mean you’ll need a medium in shapewear. Many brands fit differently. Try things on, and always consult a size chart!

It's always important to wear the correct size for your shapewear.

2. Make sure you are getting the right piece for your look. If you’re wearing a dress that is fitted at the midsection and not at legs, like an A-Line dress, you might want to pair this with a Yummie shaping short or Yummie Shaping Thong instead of a Shaping Slip. A shaping slip would be fitted at the legs where the dress isn’t. Match your shapewear silhouette to the dress style for ease and comfort. So basically, buy the shapewear style that you would need for a particular garment and know that one piece doesn’t always work for all clothing. 

Models demonstrate different Yummie shapewears.

3. Make sure you are aware of the item's compression level and the fabric used to ensure best comfort. This is key when shopping for shapewear. Many women have no idea what they are buying and get turned off from the category all together.

Our design team always asks, "Would this be comfortable on the body?" and "Does this feel Yummie?" For example, we knit Outlast® technology into several of our styles for temperature-regulating comfort, while still maintaining that signature Yummie Hug. We also have a useful compression scale on our website so you know what your getting yourself into. When in an intimates store, ask a shop assistant for some help and tell them exactly what you need and what area you want controlled.

Keep in mind the compression aspect of our Yummie products.

Follow these tips and you'll find shapewear comfortable enough for every day of the week! As mentioned above, there are so many different pieces out there for your everyday needs. Just make sure to follow these 3 simple tips and you will be sure to find the perfect shapewear for you!