Last week was filled with all things creative at Yummie! I spent time coming up with Instagram captions (which is way harder than you think!), writing blog posts, picking songs to pair with one of our videos and going to another photoshoot!

This shoot was much different than the last. I attended an e-comm shoot my first week and this one was a content photoshoot the Marketing team put together for our social media platforms. It was super fun, but it was also a challenge for me. I got to shoot beside our Junior Graphic Design/Content Coordinator so I was able to shoot on my own camera, my own way. It was a jam-packed day with lots of looks to get through. We shot with two influencers, @barbiebrig and @obsessedwithc. I was super excited to not only photograph two amazing women but also be able to expand my photography skills.

Girls enjoying their Yummie shapewear together.

I know I mentioned I have a minor in photography in my last diary entry but to give you a little background info - photography has been a passion of mine since the beginning of high school. Although I feel I can work a camera very well, I only have experience shooting in controlled settings. Our location was in a loft with all natural lighting so it was a learning experience being able to play around with my camera to see what looked best. We also brought lots of props so we could take pictures with different setups. I was able to put my creative skills to work and I absolutely loved it!

Bed in naturally lit room.

Roses and bralette on top of newspapers.

As for my favorite project so far… this photoshoot has to be it! That will probably change by next week though. Almost everything I’ve been doing at Yummie has been a learning experience but also has been such a blast for me. I can’t wait for next week!