The newest edition to our Comfortably Curved collection looks and wears like a dream.

 Cadence Comfortably Curved Bra - Seamless


We used to think there was no better feeling than peeling off an uncomfortable bra as soon as you got home, that feeling of pulling off your bra through the sleeve of your shirt so you didn’t have to wear it for a second longer than needed. But we were wrong. The better feeling is never being that uncomfortable in the first place! Cadence, the newest addition to our Comfortably Curved collection, is so snuggly that you’ll never want to take it off. It is the women’s bra that you’ve been waiting for and the seamless bra that really will make all your intimate dreams come true. 

 Cadence Comfortably Curved Bra - Seamless


Engineered support is knit in, so it gently lifts and supports without any underwire. The wide, smoothing back and sides are seamless (no itch or bumps) and provide clean lines under even the tightest tees. The pads are removable and the straps are adjustable and convertible – wherever you’re going and whatever you’re wearing there, this bra is game.

 Liliana Comfortably Curved Smoothing Thong - Seamless


Pair her with one of the cozy bottoms in our Comfortably Curved collection for a look that is smooth and curvaceous. Take it for a spin in a fitted T-shirt and marvel at the lack of bra lines. Or, rock it under a dress for a going out look that’s more comfortable than you dared to dream. Our yummie women's clothing was meant to be worn with pure ease and comfort, from top to bottom….and, underneath.

 Bria Comfortably Curved Smoothing Short - Seamless


If you’re obsessed with removing a painful bra at day’s end, more power to you. But if you’re ready for all day comfort and a form-enhancing fit, check out Cadence. We know a favorite bra when we wear one.