Times have changed, particularly with shapewear. Originally based on the waist-defining corset (no thank you!), shapewear has become an entire fashion category in and of itself.

Take a peek into any women's closet and you'll undoubtedly find a piece of shapewear laying about. And while it used to be more common to hide the fact that you were wearing a slim-fitting top, bra, skirt or slip, we're thrilled to say that's no longer the case.

The fashion world is now filled with self-empowering feminine pieces that are both comfortable and versatile for the individual wearing them - shapewear included. In efforts to support this mindset and trend, we at Yummie wanted to share ways for you to use some of our shapewear pieces as outerwear. Yes, outerwear. 

The first idea is wearing a slip, particularly our Control Nouveau Skirt Slip with Built in Thong, all by itself. Also check out the Hidden Curves Shaping Highwaist Skirt Slip. If going this route, we suggest black to avoid any see-through mishaps. Pair it with some knee-high or ankle boots and an over-sized sweater for max comfort and style.  

 Next up is the Tanya Wirefree Bra and/or Full Coverage Cross-Back Wireless Bra. Ever since athleisure hit the market, there's been no need to hide an everyday bra - especially ones like these. To go full sport, we recommend combining the cross-back bra with some leggings or sweatpants, sneakers, and a trendy windbreaker or bomber jacket. Another idea is wearing some nice trousers, heels, and a light leather or denim jacket with the Tanya Bra for a chic look. 

Tanya Bra

To go along with the sportswear trend, we're highlighting our Seamless Shaping Shorts. If you know you have a busy day ahead, why not just stay comfortable and not have to worry about throwing something over your shaping shorts. Again, try pairing it with a sweater, a bra alone, or even just a large t-shirt.   


Last and never least, we're bringing up the forever loved bodysuit. You may have seen our Ballet Back Bodysuit,the go-to these days for wearing under some denim jeans. But to add an extra flare, we're coupling it with some modern overalls or under a strappy velvet dress. And while you're at it, why not do the same with our Seamless Two Way Shaping Tank, particularly in warmer climates. Add some flared out jeans for a little 70s inspiration.

Ballet Back Bodysuit

We hope you got some inspiration and new ideas on how to not hide, but flaunt, your favorite shapewear. We've always said that shapewear can come out of the closet in Yummie, so feel great showing off your shapewear style!

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