lorry dress w flowers Last night, Heather and company escaped Manhattan for the city's playground, The Hamptons! To blow off some steam before Sonja's big burlesque performance that night, Heather,  Carole and Kristen hit the waves for a surf lesson taught by some very Yummie men!   After arriving in the sand, they plopped down on their surfboards and had a workout before the water--getting on their wetsuits! Heather announced, "This makes Yummie look like child's play!" Many times women experience a struggle when slipping on their shapewear but not with Yummie - no sausage casings here! The ladies had a blast surfing and if you were looking closely, you make have gotten a glimpse of Heather's tush as she took off the wetsuit!   After the day in the waves, the women spent the evening watching Sonja put on a burlesque show and we just loved What Heather Wore. See below for details and make sure to shop the Carine Slip -- it's the perfect layer to a sheer dress!   The Outfit 411: The Dress: Lorry Newhouse The Yummie: Carine Slip The Shoes: Valentine The Bag: Love, Alex