ep 3 blog post Episode 3 started off with a bang! Heather walks into Ramona's house on a rainy day to help her plan an upcoming trip to Africa and we just love her take on rainy day chic!  Her trousers and pink sweater and both designed by Krizia. Beneath this outfit lies our NEW Yummie Venice Bodysuit which has lace detail on the sides and chest, a thong back, adjustable straps and under-wire cups. It's a sexy smoother that is meant to be shown off! The rest of the show, for us, is all about The Spartan Race! Heather gets down and dirty with Jon, Kristen, her trainer Will Torres and Josh, Kristen's Husband and founder of EBOOST. Before the race, the "Spartan 5" heads to Central Park to train and get their adrenalin going. For the both the training and race, Heather layered her gear with our Seamlessly Shaped essentials - Stephanie 2-Way Tank and Nici Briefie. Our Seamlessly Shaped collection comes in both nylon and compact cotton and look as good as they feel! Spartan Race, Eboost 1 spartan 5