First things first - Heather's outfit last night! While she rocked every scene (as always!), we want to highlight the Lorry Newhouse dress she wore to Aviva's housewarming party. While everyone was in black or neutrals, Heather entered the room in a green floral dress layered with our Yummie Paperdolls Devina Slip, which works beautifully beneath a dress like this silhouette. If you don't own one already, what are you waiting for?!

To Recap Heather's Looks during the Episode:

Aviva's Housewarming Party: Lorry Newhouse Dress, Yummie Devina Slip Central Park Stroll: Stephanie 2Way Tank and Nici Brifie  

Now the real scene and takeaway we'd like to highlight today is the role Organ Donation played in last night's episode. In a scene at Kristen's home, Heather explains to viewers (who may be meeting her for the first time this season) why organ donation is so close to her heart. She also quotes Donald Blair, the young man who died in a tragic accident and donated his liver to Jax, Heather's son.

With today's blog post, we encourage you to do three things:

1. Learn about Organ Donation through Heather's Blog on Bravo 2. Sign up to be an Organ Donor 3. Purchase a Yummie Original Tank - we're giving $5 from each sold to Donate Life America. XX Team Yummie