crown Hi, I'm Haley, the Yummie Marketing intern! I go to school in Boulder, Colorado and wanted to get work experience in NYC for the summer, and so far, Yummie has been the perfect fit! I have learned so much about the marketing and social media world, and for the next few weeks, I will write about a specific experience. This week I want to share about our Spring 2015 lifestyle shoot! Ok – so let me tell you about the shoot! My team tells me I need to be at an address in the West Village at 7am. “Ok, no problem!” I think! As I aimlessly walk my way through the West Village, I decide I should play it safe and ask for directions. “Excuse me sir, can you tell me where Perry Street is”? I ask to a friendly looking “stranger” walking near me. Thank god for that man’s directions or else I would have continued walking the completely wrong way. Something I’ve learned in my time spent in NYC (which would be less than a month), when the streets are not numbers---you have no idea which way is what! As I gaze upon these townhouses, I am mesmerized--this neighborhood is nothing like I have ever seen. I literally felt like I was in Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf should have been walking down the street. I finally stumble upon the 4-story home and anxiously enter, ready to explore. But not so fast-- it wouldn't be a typical day of an intern without running a few errands first, right?! So I head back outside, into the blistering 90 degree sun, and head to Duane Reade to buy garbage bags.  Walking, more like power-walking, back to Perry St., I successfully purchased the garbage bags and was ready for this photo-shoot to start! But not so fast—before I knew it, I was back on the street, power-walking—maybe galloping at this point-- my way back to Duane Reade for paper towels!! You know it’s a good morning when the Duane Reade cashier laughs at you and asks if you are the intern! As it turns out, the garbage bags and paper towels were very useful since we didn't want to make a mess from our breakfast and lunch. foosball 9:30 rolls around and it’s time for the shoot to start! I head downstairs to observe as Miss Indiana gets her hair and make-up done. But before that, I suddenly hear, “Hey, you’re the girl who asked me how to get to Perry St., right?!?” My stomach sinks as I look up to see the friendly “stranger” I had asked for directions an hour ago. Turns out he runs the Creative Agency Yummie works with and is directing this shoot! Of course I ask him for directions to the shoot he is working at!! #totalinternmove So the day carries on and I cannot fathom that I am actually at a real-life photoshoot! The cameras, the lights, the photographers, Heather, and Miss Indiana… it’s all just so surreal!  The morning shots are spent primarily outside in both a lovely backyard filled with flowers and intertwining trees, and a beautiful balcony with a table and chairs. Yummie tapped Mekayla Diehl, the recently crowned Miss Indiana USA, to be the model for their Spring 2015 Campaign. She was recently crowned and had received a lot of press for her “full figured size 4” body strutting down the runway in a bikini. Because of her confidence and curves, Yummie thought she was perfect. And she was! She looked gorgeous in Yummie bras, panties, active, denim, everything! The afternoon revolves around indoor shots that are so beautiful and fun! Music is playing and everyone is just having a great time. Miss Indiana even let us try on her crown—talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity! See you next week for more dishing on Yummie, Heather and who knows what else will happen!