Hi Everyone, it's Heather! I am so excited to finally share the exciting news: we tapped Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana USA, to be the face of our Fall / Holiday 2014 Collection! Holla! To give you a little background, Mekayla ranked in the top 20 for Miss USA and became a body image role model overnight when her “normal” size 4 figure challenged conventional pageant standards. She strutted confidently down the runway in a bikini and immediately became a trending topic on Twitter. Her confidence, curves and attitude towards body image was exactly what we were  looking for when casting a model to rock the Yummie Fall/Holiday 2014 collections (which includes shapewear and our brand new denim, bras, panties and active line which you will know and love soon enough!) When Mekayla's story broke and I saw the video of the pageant, I felt an immediate connection with her. The confidence she exuded on that runway made me proud of her. I didn't even know her but wanted to and knew that Yummie needed her. It was very clear to me that we both stand for the same things. P74_SR100492_Yummie-_00027_v2 Both Yummie and Mekayla are dedicated to making an impact on women, and hope to convey the importance of a healthy and confident body image. “Yes, Yummie is technically shapewear, and there’s a common misconception that shapewear is constricting and uncomfortable. But after wearing it all day and trying on almost every piece in the collection (from bras, to panties to denim!), I learned that I really can wear it every day. Yummie isn't trying to change who I am, but embrace the shape that I already have,” said Mekayla.   “I relate to Heather, and can tell she really wants to make a difference about women and how they feel about themselves – and she puts that into her pieces at Yummie.” Mekayla continued to tell us about her experience on the runway, while we shot our fall / holiday collection--and she gave me chills all day long.  “I got attention because I challenge the industry standard for pageantry. I am confident in my own skin, and when I walked on the stage in a swimsuit, I was really trying to let my inner beauty shine through because that is what confidence means to me," she said. "There are girls who have trouble looking in the mirror every day and I want to encourage women to find a way to feel confident at any shape or size.” P74_SR100492_Yummie-01352_v1B I hope you enjoy the story, video and collection as much as we do and more than anything, I hope that you Embrace your curves! Join the conversation on Twitter to tell us about a time when you did #EmbraceUrCurves - the more we share, the more we hear from others! xx Heather P.S. Our brand new one-size panties (seen in the image above!) will be available at Yummielife.com on 8/1 and our ACTIVE COLLECTION (holla!) and NEW denim hit the web 9/1!