After a fun week last week, this week was a little more low-key. It was also the week of the 4th so it was a short one! 

 I know I’ve been writing a lot about fun things, but sometimes there’s not too many exciting things going on! For my third week, I was put to the task of cleaning up our closets. The Marketing team has their own closets filled with past and current product samples (separate from the showroom samples) that are usually used to send to clients or use during photoshoots.

Clothing rack with Yummie products

Anyways, we had a lot of samples from way too long ago hanging up so a clean out was much needed. We could barely move anything around because of how packed it was! I spent days going through it all, but I got through it. I have to say, I’m proud of my work. The closets are now organized, and only current samples are hanging! And I got to learn all of the products too!

Yummie conference room in New York City

My internship here at Yummie has been so fun for me. I even had fun cleaning out the closets! I know some people may say “that’s such an intern-y thing to do”, but I was put to work and able to learn from it. I really had no idea how the markets worked, and I finally got an idea of that cleaning out the closets. I also was able to become more familiar with our products here at Yummie AND get a sneak peek into what’s to come! Stay tuned…