We love bodysuits. They’re versatile, flattering, and practical – a wardrobe holy grail. Under a bodycon skirt? Perfection. The cleanest tuck you’ve ever seen in jeans? Perfection. As a day-to-night top that you never have to worry about riding up? Perfection. The wardrobe staple has seen a boom in recent popularity and we couldn’t be happier. Our stylish selection of bodysuits are going to become your favorite closet staple.

Wondering how to find the perfect bodysuit for you? Like choosing shapewear, selecting your bodysuit depends on a few factors. We want you to have the “in” to find the perfect fit and style for you! Here are the steps that you should take when choosing a women’s bodysuit. First, you want to definitely consult the brand’s sizing charts, but also consider these things below:

 Katrina Henley Long Sleeve Thong Bodysuit - Cotton Rib Seamless



Torso length is vital to a perfectly fitting bodysuit. It’s more like shopping for a one-piece bathing suit than a top. You’ll want enough length not to give you perma-wedgie, but not any excess fabric (which turns the clean leotard-like lines into bag city). Not sure whether your torso is on the short or long side? All Yummie bodysuits have multiple rows of snaps at the gusset that lets you adjust the fit, ensuring it’s perfectly snug. This results in a secure and confident fit for whatever you wear on the bottom!

When trying a new bodysuit for the first time, put on the bra you plan to wear and do a few squats and arm lifts. If it’s pinching at the crotch or arms, the length is likely too short. It’s that easy!



Overall Fit

While bodysuits make you look incredible, the best ones are super comfortable. Look for any uncomfortable tightness around your legs, arms, or neck (a snug fit is fine, but it shouldn’t pinch). If you’ve got tugging at the armpits, consider a shoulder-baring style like our Kinsley mock-neck bodysuit. Tightness at the neck? Try a button-down style, like this henley-inspired look. Based on the outfit you plan to wear and your personal preference, you might be more comfortable in a thong or full-coverage back. Again, be sure to try on the bodysuit with the bra you’ll be wearing to see how it affects straps and neckline. The top portion of a bodysuit is just as important as the bottom part, and your figure flattering style needs to feel secure.

 Ruby Shaping Full Back Bodysuit - Cotton Seamless



Bodysuits are available in as many sleeve lengths and fabrics as shirts. Our Ruby tank style bodysuit and our long-sleeve bodysuit are both great options for varying types of weather and casual events, but you likely wouldn’t wear the tank style to a formal dinner, nor the long sleeve version to a Fourth of July picnic – however, this chic square-neck option would work for either one!



Look at the fabric for any bonus benefits. We love temperature control bodysuits to ensure our tight-fitting looks are bulge-free and sweat-free too. Our  short-sleeve option uses temperature-regulating Outlast® fabric, perfect for a sunny family picnic.

 Anette Shaping Thong Bodysuit - Cotton Seamless



Some bodysuits have firm, shapewear-like compression, while others are just a T-shirt with a dream. What level of hug are you looking for? Check for brand-provided details or read customer reviews for a sense of how much squeeze a suit has.

 Short Sleeve Shaping Thong Bodysuit - Outlast® Seamless


Yummie uses a five-point scale to rate the level of compression. Level one provides light smoothing, like the Katrina bodysuit. Level two gives some shaping around the waist and tummy, like this T-shirt replacing piece. Level three, which our Ruby bodysuits provide (in a thong-back and full-back version), is going to give you some sculpting while still being comfortable; level four, like this patent leather stunner, fits like a true second skin. Which level do you think you’ll love? We don’t blame you if you say all of them!



Whether you’re looking for a top that won’t untuck no matter how many kids you’re chasing or the foundation for the sexiest date night look you’ve ever worn, a bodysuit is a wardrobe staple worth finding a perfect fit for!