Like rocking a mini dress on a night out, shapewear is choosing something for yourself that makes you feel more confident. You don’t need shapewear: you are beautiful au naturale. That said, you shouldn’t feel bad about wearing shapewear, makeup, a push-up bra, or anything else that makes you feel good! 

These are all tools that help boost body confidence and self-love. We deserve to feel great about our bodies and if shapewear gets us there, then why not?

Shapewear is Your Choice

Corsets may have been invented to squeeze a woman’s waist into an ideal shape for the era, but that’s not today’s shapewear. Never constricting, Yummie shapewear is made to make you feel good, not like you can’t breathe. Unlike other brands, our shaping pieces are comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day.

The best shapewear like our Nala Clean Cut Control Mid Waist Shaping Brief provides a gentle hug as a smooth base for whatever you want to wear. It adds a layer of control with soft materials that make you feel more secure. 
Shapewear is made to help you feel even more comfortable, happy, and proud in your own skin.

Smooth out Body Insecurities

Life’s tough! We all have those days when we feel a bit off and it’s the little things like getting our nails done or wearing shaping leggings that pull us through the slog of battling with body confidence. It’s nice to think that we can be totally in love with our bodies 100% of the time, but we’re all human: It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit of insecurity from time to time. 

Healing after a pregnancy?  Thank goodness for postpartum shapewear. Besides giving you peace of mind while you lose the baby weight, light compression actually helps your body recover after birth.

Boost your Curves

There’s a common misconception that shapewear is meant to flatten everything. Yes, it will slim the tummy, but it’s designed to enhance your curves, not squish them. 

Shaping pieces like our Cleo InShapes High Waist Shaping Short are made to give your bum a lift. You can get that hourglass shape without feeling squeezed as our shapewear is made to be soft and comfy.


Shapewear Provides a Reliable Base You Don’t Have to Worry About

Besides shaping, the benefits of wearing shapewear include preventing unwanted panty lines, wrinkles, chafing, and fabric bunching. With other underwear, these are day-to-day struggles that distract you from living your best life. 

Unlike wedgie-inducing undies, shapewear is quietly there, doing its job as a smooth foundation for silky fabrics, work clothes, and your favorite jeans. Part of feeling confident comes from not having to worry about all these little things and instead focusing on things that really matter.    

We wear shapewear because it makes us feel good – not look good for others. It’s a non-dramatic way of boosting self-acceptance and feeling more at home in your own body. 

Maybe you only need it for one event. Maybe you’re wearing shapewear every day. It’s your decision; be bold and feel confident knowing you hold the power of how to represent yourself!