Cheers to a long weekend ahead and raise those glasses even higher while you’re at it because Yummie is having a 50% off activewear event all weekend long! We thought this would be the perfect time to point out which of our pieces are perfect for your everyday workout needs as well as sharing a few fun facts as to why it is so important to sport lightweight workout pieces while you’re getting your sweat on! For starters, what do you think the phrase “dress for success” and the gym have in common? Well, shocker…the answer is a lot. Many times when we hear this phrase we often think of dressing to be a part of a goal we may have or to look the part of whatever we are aspiring to become, this is usually in the professional sense. Well, you guessed it! This same concept absolutely can be applied to how we dress when we workout as well. Hence, the cuter we look at the gym the more we are motivated to burn! This brain boost that we experience actually has a scientific name which many experts are calling “enclothed cognition” (the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes). We found these benefits very interesting on how gym clothes really do have psychological power over us, so educate yourself as well so you can school your friends and peers on what a difference this actually makes! 1. Increases your intimidation factor: That’s right, bye bye to those intimidating feelings we have all experienced at the gym. Whether it’s working out by yourself or even in a class, we’ve totally all been there before. Studies have shown that athletes actually gain a psychological edge just by the certain outfits and designs they are wearing, which totally makes sense as to why team uniforms have been around and have played such an important factor in sports for so long. 2. Improving performance: Ever stop to think how a great pair of running shoes can enhance your performance? Besides the cuteness factor, the gear you wear for what type of exercise you are planning on doing has direct correlation with your performance. 3. Prevents injuries and offers proper protection: Depending on what’s your go-to workout or even whatever climate you’re in, it is super important to choose the best performance wear for your needs. Material is actually top priority in considering what will bring the best out of you in your workout and knowing which sweat wicking material is going to keep the surface of your skin cool and dry is always a huge plus! This is why it is well worth investing in the proper clothing and gear that will lower any injuries and offers great protection, and while you’re at it you might as well keep it fashionable! Feels good to learn some new facts, huh? We thought so too. Check out our full assortment of women’s activewear pieces ((that conveniently just happens to be on sale right now too) )  that will help you dress your way to success while achieving your body goals! Active Compact Cotton Leggings : Perfect for our curvy yogis and Pilates lovers! These compact cotton leggings will fit and support all of the stretching and core exercises with its great coverage and flexibility. The fit leaves you with movement that doesn’t make these leggings too snug. Maria Tank : Our Spinners will continuously treat this tank as their go – to piece right before class! The hold, support and coverage the Maria tank offers will minimize any possible bouncing around of upper body weight, leaving riders with the ability and comfort to master their resistance goals! Leah Capri : Calling all weight lifters! Our Leah Capri gives you the versatility and comfort to conquer any dead lifts headed your way! Plus, this capri features moisture – wicking fabric that will provide comfort while sweating and has a super cute hidden pocket to store your gym locker key! Whitney Racerback : While we know HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is not for everyone, those of you who enjoy this type of burst intensity workouts will find our Whitney Racerback most useful. The finely designed inner support of this bra is perfect for all of the jumping and intense movements HIIT workouts entail.                                                                                                                So cheers again to 2017! And you can thank us later for helping you get a kick start at a deal for new activewear that can spark some workout motivation!