If you want to get fit and stay healthy this year, let us help! Here are a few of our quick tips for kick-starting those fitness resolutions...   Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will keep your immune system working, give your skin that extra glow, and regulate your body.  Give your body the TLC it deserves. Get some sleep. Good rest will give you the energy you need to do all the things you want. The best sleep you’ll have is between the hours of 11PM – 2AM, so keep that in mind! Whether you’re taking a 20-minute walk, doing a yoga class, or joining a new gym – make sure you’re moving! Reward yourself. Getting into shape should be an enjoyable process, so treat yourself to something special from time to time. We have the perfect activewear, to get you excited about getting into the gym next! Make sure to try something completely new this year. Getting into a fitness rut can really stall progress, so make sure you are constantly challenging yourself on the road to success.   LennoxLeggings+EllsieTee_RGB