To keep her body toned, Heather keeps regular workout sessions with her trainer Will Torres of Willspace in NYC, but when she travels with her fitness consultant and best friend, Remembrance Staber, a certified health & fitness trainer, these are the type workouts they love to do. The future of fitness is trending towards workouts that are primal and functional. These exercises encourage fat burning, strength, and they relieve stress! All of these things are very important to Heather, and help her maintain a lean and mean physique, while keeping her mental clarity on point! Plus, shop Heather’s go-to active styles, and get ready to get in shape and stay in style.   ht memmy   1. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Increase your balance, strength and flexibility by doing mountain climbers. This workout helps upper arm muscles, core and legs. How to do mountain climbers: Get in a push up position with your hands shoulder width apart. Be sure to have your arms straight. Bring in your right knee in toward your chest and bring it back down. Repeat with your left knee.   2. SQUATS As you tone and build your muscles, you are burning more and more calories, so squats make a superb general work out for health and weight loss, as well as being a specific muscle toning exercise. How to do a squat: Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, back straight, shoulders down, toes pointed slightly out. Keeping your back straight, lower your body down and back as if you are sitting down into a chair, until your thighs are parallel to the ground (or as close to parallel as possible).  Make sure your knees do not pass over your toes, and keeps your abs tightly activated to ensure a straight spine.  Rise back up slowly. Repeat!   3. BURPEES A burpee helps workout arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs. How to do burpees: Start in a standing position then drop down into a squat (bending knees). Place your hands on the ground in front of you and kick your legs back until you’re in a pushup position. Do a pushup by lifting your body up with your arms. Kick your feet back in toward your hands and jump up.   4. JUMPING JACKS This simple workout that can be done almost anywhere will help increase your heartrate and get blood flowing to major muscle groups. This helps to prevent injuries from coming with more intense workouts to follow. Jumping jacks will strengthen shoulders, abs and leg muscles. How to do jumping jacks: Start by standing with your feet together and your arms by your side. Jump, raising your arms above your head while spreading your legs more than shoulder width apart. Reverse the action and repeat from beginning.