Yummie Tummie is turning 4! To celebrate, we sat down to chat with founder Heather Thomson about work, family, fashion, and the future. Heather Thomson Did you make any New Year resolutions? I’m so grateful for what I have, but there’s always room for improving. I’d like to continue to help women look and feel their best, and work on being the best mom and me that I can be. How do you balance work and home? It’s not easy, but I try to focus on the task at hand. If I’m with my kids, it’s all about them. If I’m at work, that’s where my attention is. Who’s your favorite designer? Lately, I’ve really been into Helmut Lang and his chic, sleek, and minimalistic point-of-view. I’ve been mixing some of his pieces into my current styles and just loving the way it looks. What was it like working for celebrities? It was some of the best and worst days of my life. It was exciting and inspiring, but hard work too. They all taught me something about myself. What did they teach you? P-Diddy Combs helped me push past my limits. Jennifer Lopez taught me about focus. Beyoncé taught me humility. She’s such a big star, but so gracious and respectful. What inspires your designs? I’m inspired by my evolving needs as a woman. Yummie Tummie started with my desire to shape my post-baby body. Turning 40 has given me a fresh perspective and inspiration for some exciting designs coming soon. Collage of photos featuring Heather ThomsonWhy did you create a denim line? There was a hole in the marketplace. Women want function and fashion, and now they can have it. Yummie Jeans don’t sag, bag, pinch, or work against you. They’re made to fit and flatter every body. What are your must-have pieces? I couldn’t live without the Milan Legging – so easy to pull on and run out the door looking fabulous. The Chris Slip and Roma Tank are my other go-to’s for a slim and sexy foundation. What’s your advice for looking fabulous? Embrace your features and your flaws. Nothing is sexier than confidence. That’s what Yummie Tummie is all about – loving what you see in the mirror every day. What’s new for spring? I can’t wait to launch our next innovation – the unbelievable Paperdolls collection. It slims and shapes with luxurious paper-thin fabric that feels like you’re wearing next to nothing. You’ve never seen shapewear so light and comfortable. It’s going to hit next week, so stay tuned! Do you have a question for Heather? Post a comment here or check out our page on Facebook. She’d love to hear from you!
Collage of photos featuring Heather Thomson
Heather Thomson, founder of Yummie